2007: The Year in Review

I know, I know, I’m a little bit behind in looking back on 2007. Good thing it isn’t going anywhere. 🙂 There’s an extremely cute cat picture in it for you if you make it to the end! (You can also look back at 2006 if you’re so inclined.)

But first – Deb has some more detail on what had her laughing so hard at the birthday gathering. (Note that Jeanne and I did not buy Deb those undies!)

Did you hear about the gasoline tanker that overturned in Minneapolis yesterday? That was less than a mile from where I live! I’m very glad I was working from home so I didn’t have to deal with the messed up traffic.

Major Events of the Year
Having surgery on October 3. I can’t believe how much healthier and happier I feel now – better than I have for two to three years.

My Knitblogger’s Tour of the West, including staying with Michaele and meeting Denver-area bloggers, going to Estes and meeting Margene and Cheryl and Mim and Jane, staying with Kristi

Finished Objects: 39

  • Socks – 19 pairs of adult socks, two pairs of toddler socks
  • Sweaters – one adult sweater, one baby sweater
  • Shawl – one
  • Bibs – nine
  • Dishcloths – two
  • Toddler dress – one
  • Calorimetry/head band – one
  • Afghan squares – for one charity project, assorted small squares
  • Cage liner – one

Works in Progress
Scrunchable velvet scarf, plain stripey socks, shaped cardigan (hush, Marina), Trekking 126 socks (shameful – I just need to sew down the picot edges!), neck cozy (hmm, I haven’t mentioned this on the blog – probably because I’m ambivalent about finishing it)

Skeletons in My Knitting Basket
Laptop bag (never finishing it, since I bought such nice cases for my laptop), Crazy slipstitch Meilenweit socks (mailed off to Brigitte to do with the yarn what she will!), probably a couple things from way back in the way back that I don’t feel like digging out!

Favorite Projects of 2007
Probably the Refined Raglan I knit for myself. I was also very fond of the shawlette I knit for Fraro and of the lacy toddler dress I knit.

Major Knitting Accomplishment
Finishing my Christmas knitting in November!

Favorite Yarns
Wool2Dye4 supersock that I’ve dyed (it’s a base yarn that has a comparable hand to yarns such as CTH), stripey Meilenweit, Trekking

New Techniques
Ack! I’m not coming up with anything! Probably because I didn’t take any knitting classes in 2007. I must’ve learned something… Anyone? Anyone?

The Year in First Lines
Reports of my demise were only slightly exaggerated… I spent six hours of New Year’s Day in the emergency room, getting fluids and antinausea meds for the most evil migraine I’ve had in 12 years (i.e., the last time a migraine sent me to the ER).

Secrets of Cat Photography Revealed (Part the First) Two things have inspired me to write this post. First, I promised the info to Michaele at least six months ago (whoops – sorry, Michaele!). Second, I regularly get emails and comments asking me how I manage to always get good cat photos.

Killing you with the cute Aw, thank you all so much for the kind words about my refined raglan and yesterday’s self portraits! *blush*

What I did with my weekend, or Meet the Peeves As I mentioned Friday, the Peeves came to Minneapolis for approximately 24 hours, en route to see more sights and meet more bloggers (Hi CarrieK! Hi La! Hi Laurie! You’ll have fun!!).

A message from Mayhem “Hi everyone! Mom said I could post today because she doesn’t feel very lively… something about anemia and having to take iron to feel better. I don’t really have anything to say, I just knew you would all really miss me if you didn’t get to see this cute picture of me! Bye!! I have to go look out the window now.”

And finally, some knitting Aw, Mayhem really appreciated all the sweet birthday wishes yesterday! For those who are wondering where the heck the year went, I didn’t get her until September last year. Whew! No lost summer of 2006 for y’all.

Feline groovy I’m a bit shocked at the blogging backlog I’ve developed – I need to post lots of thank yous for some wonderful gifts I’ve received, plus I haven’t even made it to the Estes Wool Market in my vacation narrative! So of course, I shall do neither of these things today.

Handy Mayhem butt I’ve mentioned swap-bot a few times recently. Kristi has a great post on how to establish a rating on swap-bot. Check out the Biteberry yarn in its new habit!

and on that same day (August 1)…

I am ok The Interstate 35W bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed during tonight’s evening rush hour.

Trying to catch up I took a bit of a computer break over the holiday weekend and am frightfully behind in bloglines. Please let me know if you’re having a contest you’d like me to mention, as I’ll probably read about it on your blog long after the deadline has passed… Thanks!

Monday meanderings I finished my Los Monos Locos on Saturday!

A Halloween walk Sock knitters – Kristi has written some very useful knitting and wear reviews for quite a few different sock yarns. If you’re a knitblogger somehow connected to Minnesota, you should join the Minnesota Knitters Ring.

We were all stricken with camnesia Thursday evening I picked up Kristi the Fiber Fool from the airport. We chatted and knitted while Chaos glared balefully and May tried to entice Kristi to open up the MGWT closet.

FuriousBall, dude, where’re those munchies you said you were going to get?” -Mayhem

39 thoughts on “2007: The Year in Review”

  1. It has been so long ago that I’ve seen a finished handknit sweater on this blog, that I had to click on “refined raglan” to remind myself what it looked like 😉

  2. Well. You wanna learn a new technique in ’08, huh? I think Marina missed that opportunity! Let’s see, there’s Fair Isle for starters!

    Yikes! 19 pairs of socks! Must get cracking…takes me 3 months to do one of two.

  3. Regarding the gas spill, Miss T. thinks it was because Frida mistakenly thought Miss T. and I were trying to go see her show again. 🙂

  4. I’m cheesing over that picture and caption. Also, this “Skeletons in My Knitting Basket” is possibly one of the cutest labels ever.

  5. Who would have thunk that having surgery would end up being a highlight of your year…but it sounds like it was, and I’m really glad you’re feeling so much better.

  6. Estes was a highlight of the year for me, too!

    I hope 2008 is a fantastic year for you health-wise and in all other ways too. Certainly it’s starting out well for May, the little niphead!

  7. does May need a 12-step program? an intervention? more nip? (assuming Kashka would let it leave the house?)

    so, how many of those FO’s were not black or purple? =]

  8. I’m stuck on Handy Mayhem Butt –
    It kills me….

    Glad the tanker didn’t mess with your commute – the commute stories I’ve heard are awful – I wonder if everyone is finally home now that it’s lunch time the day after….

  9. Hey there Chris! just a quick favor to ask… I’m having a contest for a very important cause over at my site. Do you think you could mention it on your blog? It seems everyone comes to you for the latest and greatest in the knitting blogging world.

    I can’t remember what I’ve made over the past year… mind like a blender and all.

  10. Dang! 39 FO’s? I’m gobsmacked. I’m so happy for the coffee swap that led me to you and your blog. Still readin’–just get too busy to comment sometimes. I had to go back, though, ’cause I missed the one on how to take kitty pics. Thanks for re-sharing it.

    Okay, to make a long comment longer, going to sleep last night (night before?) I thought of May saying, “Why are you talking funny, big kitty? Did you get hit on the head?” and laughed out loud. MUCH funnier than a lolcat!

  11. Yes ma’am. You did not buy her those undies. But you’re copping to the sweater? LOL!

    39 FO’s!! Awesome!

    Wow. Mayhem is calling in sick to work the rest of the week.

  12. Okay, tell me about the laptop case you bought. I have been considering kntting a felted laptop case because I can’t seem to find something I like. Tell me what you ended up with.

  13. Wow, that’s some rundown of a very impressive list!
    I’m so happy to hear that your surgery led to such an improvement in your day-to-day life. There’s really nothing better than feeling good physically, something that’s so easy to forget until we don’t.

  14. Let me tell you, I still get shivers thinking about that August night when the bridge collapsed and I realized you might have been on the road.
    I’m delighted to have such close friendships online…but sometimes I worry hard.

    And I’m SO glad you’re feeling so much better now…

  15. Great look at 2007! 39 FOs is pretty darn good. I love the “Skeletons in My Knitting Basket” subtitle. I’m afraid to look back. I’m not sure I accomplished much with my knitting. 😉

    May looks SO stoned in that picture. Somebody pass her some munchies.

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