A Halloween walk

Sock knitters – Kristi has written some very useful knitting and wear reviews for quite a few different sock yarns.

If you’re a knitblogger somehow connected to Minnesota, you should join the Minnesota Knitters Ring.

I thought I’d share a few pictures from my walk yesterday. Some of the house pictures are worth clicking to see the Halloween details!

“Boo! I hope I didn’t scare you too much! Hee hee hee…” -Mayhem

34 thoughts on “A Halloween walk”

  1. Love the photo titles — Death on the Deck, hee!
    It was a nice day for a walk downriver here too; I was busy with the camera; so much pretty fall color. And such great Halloween decorations, but I didn’t get many photos of them.
    Scary Mayhem!

  2. Great photos! The death figures on the upper porch and over the front door….hmmmm…don’t know if I’d do that over my house.

    Terrified, Mayhem, truly.

  3. Nice walk pictures, some people really got in the Halloween spirit, besides Mayhem. I was shown the Evil Dead series last night May, you’ve got a lot to make up for before I get scared now! But.. you’re still very cute! 🙂

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