A message from Mayhem

“Hi everyone! Mom said I could post today because she doesn’t feel very lively… something about anemia and having to take iron to feel better. I don’t really have anything to say, I just knew you would all really miss me if you didn’t get to see this cute picture of me! Bye!! I have to go look out the window now.”

70 thoughts on “A message from Mayhem”

  1. Hi, Chris! Your post made me reach for the bottle of vitamin pills, as I suspect that I’m on the anemic side, myself. It was wonderful to see you at the shop last Friday — I keep thinking about “Mary Sue,” the phrase you taught me — I like it! Feel better soon, and stop in and knit with us if you’re so inclined. : ))

  2. May, you look so wise and mature in this, which I’m assuming is a self-portrait. Your mom always makes you look like something of a comedian! Hope she’s feeling better soon.

  3. Give momma extra cuddles and whisker kisses. That’s ALWAYS good for what ails ya!

    And May, if you’re worried about it being contageous, there’s always room at my house for you to visit.

  4. thanks for keeping us posted about Mom, May.. give her a smooch on the cheek from us, and tell her to drink lots of fluids, protein drinks and vitamin c.. let’s see, what else.. eat your potatoes, knit a bunch, and remember to try the Emerg-n-c drinks… that about covers it from the “Mom” kind of comment..
    Hope that Chaos and Mayhem are soon smooching the cheek of a healthy Mom.

  5. **hugs** Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well – hope they find it out quick! If it’s iron – I have a garden full of high-iron stuff that would kick it right out 😉 not to mention our well-water!

  6. Hi May! oh, you do so look like our Isis. your mom is right, it’s a good thing Isis has those extra toes so we can tell you apart.

    you know, just in case.

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