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Linkity did not enjoy catching a cold

Everyone looks THRILLED, don’t they?!

Polly looking down at Harry.

Polly LEAPING over Harry as he stares out the window.


56!! :o (plus cat pictures and a bit of linkity)

Since linkity-making time happens to be on my birthday, this will be brief. And next week, linkity-making time is on American Thanksgiving, so no linkity at all then. Take care and see you in a few weeks!

Looks like Harry’s waiting for the remote and a beer…

Polly and her very soft tummy.

Sleeping Mayhem curl.

Windy linkity of windiness

Polly would like her chin scratched more, please!

Lights on, nobody home in Pollyland!

Harry very focused on sharpening his claws on the scratcher.

Linkity really hopes this is our last “Fall Back”

A rare appearance by the Lady Miss Princess Mayhem!

Harry looking very dapper in his Halloween bow tie.

Serious Polly is a serious cat loaf indeed.

Happy Halloween in advance from linkity

Harry watching leaves blowing around outside.

Polly getting comfortable.

Siblings keeping an eyes on goings on in the neighborhood.


Linkity for a last burst of summer (in Minneapolis, at least)

Lights on, nobody home in Harryland!

Polly’s hunkered down under the blanket, staying cozy.

Let’s do the linkity agaaaain

Another photo of Harry and Polly on my lap.

Polly cannot believe!

One of the most unflattering photos of Harry I’ve ever taken! 😀

Lots more linkity than last week!

Harry’s usual look of skepticism.

Polly on the spiffy new kitty mixtape scratcher, with bonus Harry’s tail.

Harry and Polly drowsing on my lap.

Lack of linkity, but of course – cat pictures

I think Mayhem broke her personal record for sitting on my lap, thus preventing me from doing linkity. Next week!

Harry on my legs, Mayhem on my lap, and Polly taking a bath beside me. You’d never guess that this was after it turned cool, but before the heat was turned on for my building, would you? 😉

The rest of the series of photos after the one where Harry sat on Polly from last week:

Polly looks So Done.

Whatever’s up there is obviously FASCINATING.

Don’t mind me, guys!

Linkity has had a WEEK

Polly looking on whilst Harry tries to remove his IV bandage from his overnight stay at the emergency vet. Turns out he’d decided to supplement his diet with cardboard. Fortunately, the vet was able to resolve the issue without surgery. WHEW.

Harry’s leg after the bandage was removed (by me).

Harry, having sat on Polly. Love the expression on Polly’s face!

Polly grooming!