Addis – not just for breakfast anymore

Warning: This post contains graphic photos of violence against Addi Turbo knitting needles. Sensitive souls might want to pass this post right on by.

It may shock you to discover that I’ve been working on a sweater. (Marina? Marina? Are you ok?! Maybe someone could help Marina to her feet…)

The sweater in question is the Knitting Pure and Simple Neck Down Shaped Cardigan #241.

“Mmmm… ring binder rings…” -Mayhem

Ok, maybe that’s not the most helpful picture – is this better?

I’m knitting it from Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. So far, it isn’t much to look at.

“Kitty bed with tasty treats built in! Yay!!!” -Mayhem

“Ahhh – Addis! My favorite!” -Mayhem

*crunch crunch crunch* -Mayhem