Addis – not just for breakfast anymore

Warning: This post contains graphic photos of violence against Addi Turbo knitting needles. Sensitive souls might want to pass this post right on by.

It may shock you to discover that I’ve been working on a sweater. (Marina? Marina? Are you ok?! Maybe someone could help Marina to her feet…)

The sweater in question is the Knitting Pure and Simple Neck Down Shaped Cardigan #241.

“Mmmm… ring binder rings…” -Mayhem

Ok, maybe that’s not the most helpful picture – is this better?

I’m knitting it from Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. So far, it isn’t much to look at.

“Kitty bed with tasty treats built in! Yay!!!” -Mayhem

“Ahhh – Addis! My favorite!” -Mayhem

*crunch crunch crunch* -Mayhem

50 thoughts on “Addis – not just for breakfast anymore”

  1. Nice kitty bed.. I mean, sweater in progress.
    Poor Mayhem.. maybe if you EVER fed those poor, starving, mistreated, unloved & unspoiled cats… they’d stop trying to suck the nutrients out of your yarn and needles.

  2. At least it’s not the Naturas. That would leave a few teeth marks…

    p.s. I have that pattern, too. Very cute. Right along with your needle-eatin’ Little Kitty.

  3. I’m headed to the shop today – do I need to do a needle re-con mission?? I have all but one sleeve and the band done on the sweater – it’s stuffed way down in a bag somewhere….must find before next Saturday for comparison!!

  4. Chris- I was reading this post with my hand over my face and looking through my fingers. Worse than a horror movie.

    Can this be true? Are you making a full-size garment? Tell us more-

  5. That’s so nice of Mayhem to help you ‘rough up’ those slick Addis. I bet there won’t be any stitches slipping off the needle now!

  6. I’m in shock myself. Rather, I know you can knit a sweater. I remember you making Hourglass. I’ve actually need to pull mine out of storage and get back to working on my sleeves, so I can be done.

  7. Keep up the reporting on your sweater. I bought the KPS Neck Down Cardigan pattern (the non shaped one) a month or so ago. I’m guessing your sweater is actually dark green.

  8. A sweater, yay! Nice pattern.

    Wouldn’t you think chewing on an Addi Turbo would be unpleasant like biting on a bit of aluminum foil?! I think Mayhem may need a 12-step program.

  9. Ya know May, the thought of chewing on cold brass needles actually makes my teeth hurt. What is it that you find so tasty about them?
    I know why Chris knits all her sweaters in black…no show cat hair.

  10. I love that pattern! (but haven’t made it yet…). So what is harder? Nickel plated steel (isn’t that what Addi’s are?) or Miss May’s teeth? Did you dip your sticks in nip or anything???

  11. I’ll be the eleventy-billionth person to claim having that pattern, too. I’m looking forward to seeing it completed (since it will forever languish in my “to-knit” stack of patterns).

    And I’m not surprised that Mayhem likes the expensive Addis – have you tried maybe switching over to Susan Bates or something? 😉

  12. Maybe the cold feels good on May’s gums? I wonder what it is? Good for you for tackling that sweater! It’s going to keep C&M really cozy this winter!

    Tim prefers bamboo, which luckily I don’t use too often. Charlie is a good boy (purrfect older sibling syndrome) and never messes with my knitting. I’ll bet Timmy hates that.

  13. Wow! I just made that sweater in the beginning of the year. It’s an excellent pattern.

    Thank goodness Mayhem can’t leave teeth marks on your Addis like he would with wood or bamboo. Gwenna used to be addicted to my bamboo needles.

  14. Eeek!! It’s horrible – you don’t want to look, but you just… can’t… help… hey, wait! You just stood by and snapped photos while the carnage went on in front of you? You… You… You JOURNALIST, you!!!

  15. I am trying to get over my reaction to top-down knitting which goes something like, “Ahhhhh! Backwards! Backwards! The sky is falling. The world as we know it is ending. Ahhhhh!”

    I’m just glad you don’t use wooden needles. I used to use wooden needles. I liked my wooden needles. Unfortunately, so did Mithwen and Sophia. sigh

  16. A sweater? And this isn’t your first one? Shocking. Much more shocking than Mayhem nibbling on the Addi turbo. You know, if you didn’t look fondly at her and take pictures of it, she might not chew them anymore.

    I know, I know. That’s what “they” tell me. I don’t know if it actually works….because it looks so cute. I just hope she doesn’t start chewing the knit up yarn.

  17. Geez,May will chew on ANYthing! I don’t know what kind of chewing pleasure can be derived from a metallic knitting needle, but to each his own, right? But she’s making my fillings hurt…

  18. May must have some sort of mineral deficiency. W & L say to give her more fresh fish, it has lots of minerals so she won’t eat your needles. Oh, and they also say that plastic and wood needles are much more fun to chew on, it makes mom much madder.

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