No linkity as I deal with a very stoned post-surgery Harry

Nothing too bad! He had a molar extracted, got his remaining teeth cleaned, and had a small cyst on his neck removed. But he is very stoned and odd – apparently he entertained the vet clinic all afternoon as he sat in his cage with his tongue sticking out. Marathon blep!

Harry, looking suspicious, from before his surgery.  He now has a big shaved spot on one leg and on his neck.

Linkity wishes Mayhem a happy 17th birthday on the 27th

(She will get brushed! And she will get Churu!)

Another photo of Mayhem being brushed! She turns 17 on the 27th. 😮

Polly snuggled under a fuzzy blanket.

Polly and Harry watching birds.

Linkity with the windows open

Harry wondering what the heck I keep taking his picture for.

Polly “helping”.

Mayhem getting brushed, which is one of her very favorite things.

Linkity thinks the hints of green are teasing us

Shelf Life: Fantastic Stories Celebrating Bookstores, edited by Greg Ketter. Pretty good collection of short stories about bookstores. Seemed a little heavy on the horror (do not like), but I enjoyed the stories anyway.
Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers by Jesse Q. Sutanto. Vera Wong grows on you until you’re suddenly, unexpectedly fully invested. Recommended.

Mayhem would like me to STOP pestering her.

Harry napping on the kitty hammock.

Polly sees BIRDS!

Linkity is ready for green growing things

Mayhem and Harry on my lap.

Harry on the track toy.

Polly blep!

Linkity in the time of April showers

Polly sitting like a people on my lap.

Silly Harry!

Guess who thinks their dinner is late?!

Again with the cat pictures instead of linkity (plus bonus socks)

I was recuperating from a migraine (the first one in 14 months!) during linkity making time, so have some cute cat pictures instead. Plus some completed knitted objects!

Mayhem, so over my taking her picture.

Harry hanging out mostly upside-down on the kitty hammock.

Polly looking as if her body’s missing.

This pair of Meilenweit Cotton socks is for me. It’s a bit of a miracle that they match as closely as they do, because there were a couple of knots in the skeins – and in one, the colorway reversed. :Jean-Luc Picard facepalm:

These were gifted to my SIL for her birthday. Let’s just say that Fame Trend has some loooooooooong color shifts. Fortunately, my SIL claims to love this pair of only vaguely related socks.

Brief linkity of brevity


Polly, on April Fool’s Day, with the 8″/20.3cm of snow we got overnight in the background.

Harry and his muzzle puffs!

Linkity suspects March is going out like a lion

Harry upsidedown cake!

Polly upsidedown cake!

Mayhem, apparently look at the horrors.

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