Linkity hunkers down for the cold again

Polly and Harry napping – Harry, as always, keeping an eye on me.

Polly and her sleeping “blep”.

Harry “thlurrrp”.


Mayhem is THRILLED (not) to be sharing the sofa with Harry.

The Cute! It burns!!!! (Polly is as sweet as she looks.)

Harry wondering what the heck I want NOW.

Linkity sympathizes with anyone who has paraskevidekatriaphobia

Yet another shot of Mayhem looking every bit the Panther Princess.

Polly on my lap, Harry (suspiciously) next to my legs.

Polly side eye.

First linkity of 2023

It has been ridiculously snowy here in Minneapolis this week. I took the picture below on the morning of January 4th and it kept on snowing all day, into Thursday morning. We got around 15 inches/38 cm. UGH.

I knitted two pairs of socks for Xmas gifts and they were well received.

These were knitted from Meilenweit.

These were knitted from some ancient Regia.

Mayhem is still a lovely panther princess at 16.5 years old!

Staticky Polly!

Harry keeping warm and cozy.

Last linkity of 2022

My wish for all of you at the end of the year. Skipping linkity next week, so I’ll see you all in 2023!

Harry pestering Mayhem, to her great annoyance.

Polly and Harry on my lap.

What the heck, Polly?! Are you ok?! (She seems fine after her apparent existential crisis.)

Harry scent-marking the window frame.

Linkity for a snowy day in Minneapolis

Polly sitting like a people…

Deep thoughts with Harry.

Linkity for the December doldrums

Polly is so chatty and excited!

Harry napping on the cat tree.

Harry and Mayhem on my lap. Harry desperately wants Mayhem to lick his head.

Linkity did not enjoy catching a cold

Everyone looks THRILLED, don’t they?!

Polly looking down at Harry.

Polly LEAPING over Harry as he stares out the window.


56!! :o (plus cat pictures and a bit of linkity)

Since linkity-making time happens to be on my birthday, this will be brief. And next week, linkity-making time is on American Thanksgiving, so no linkity at all then. Take care and see you in a few weeks!

Looks like Harry’s waiting for the remote and a beer…

Polly and her very soft tummy.

Sleeping Mayhem curl.

Windy linkity of windiness

Polly would like her chin scratched more, please!

Lights on, nobody home in Pollyland!

Harry very focused on sharpening his claws on the scratcher.

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