Giving thanks with linkity

No linkity next week due to the Thanksgiving holiday in the US!

Harry thlurrrrp.

Polly’s “helping” me take photos…

Mayhem asleep on my lap.


Lurching along with linkity

Skeptical Harry is skeptical.

Polly tummy!


Linkity prepares to fall back to standard time

Oh no, a vampire! 😉

Serious Harry is serious.

Linkity wonders where the heck October went

Serious Mayhem is serious.

Polly “helping”me take art journal pictures.

Blurry Harry in his Halloween bow tie!

Linkity from a dark and stormy night

The Lady Miss Princess Mayhem!

Intense Polly is intense!

*blank* -Harry

Linkity looks out upon the green, green grass of October

Mayhem having a think.

Polly has Things to SAY!

What the heck are you looking at, Harry?!

Sleepy linkity

Mayhem and Polly!

Harry and Polly looking out the window.


Linkity for mid-to-late September

Serious Mayhem.

Polly asleep on my lap.

Thoughtful Harry.

And yet linkity persists

Sleepy Polly on my arm.

Harry, very intent on the kitty hammock.

Art journaling, reading, knitting, and cat parenting. It's a wild life.