The greening has begun and linkity is pleased

Very Focused Harry.

Out-of-sorts Polly.

Siblings! (That is absolutely Mayhem’s spot in the middle.)

Linkity guesses it’s spring because WIND

Mayhem peering down into the space between the benches.

Polly sitting on my torso during my online Mat Pilates class.

Same Mat Pilates class, but I turned on macro, which distorted poor Polly’s ears.

Macro is fun! Hi, Polly!

And one last macro shot…

Linkity is still longing for green growing things

Blurry Mayhem blep!

Harry on the chaise. looking out the window.

Polly on the new heart-shaped catnip toy.

Lumping it along with linkity

Serious Harry is serious!

Here we have Polly trying to make the best of what is obviously a too-small fabric basket…

…or is it??? Good job, Polly!

Linkity would like you to know that the Ides of March is a tumblr holiday

Some socks I recently gifted.

Harry, trying to figure out what I’m doing, plus the second pair of socks I recently gifted.

Polly’s such a sweet and goofy girl!

Mayhem *thlurrrrp*.

Linkity is so ready for some greenery

Polly is very subtle about asking for chin scritches…

Is Harry yawning or yelling?


Linkity is in like a lamb

This goofball has conjunctivitis in one of his eyes and is getting eye ointment twice a day, so he’s kind of a mess right now.

Polly, slightly annoyed that I am taking her picture instead of petting her.

Very Serious Kitties Are Very Serious.

Linkity does not approve of seasonal allergies starting in February

Some Regia socks for me from yarn I got for Xmas.

Poor sleeping Mayhem – when she went to sleep, I was in the midst of a Pilates class a few feet away. When she woke up, the living room was dark and I was reading in bed!

Polly is a very chatty kitty!

Usually Polly’s the goofball, but Harry has his moments…

In which there is linkity

I tweaked some blog settings yesterday, specifically related to email. Here’s hoping I didn’t bork things up! 🙂

Polly grooming her tummy.

Annoyed Harry with Polly in the background.

Art journaling, reading, knitting, and cat parenting. It's a wild life.