What I did with my weekend, or Meet the Peeves

As I mentioned Friday, the Peeves came to Minneapolis for approximately 24 hours, en route to see more sights and meet more bloggers (Hi CarrieK! Hi La! Hi Laurie! You’ll have fun!!). Meet the notoriously camera shy Peeves:

After we caffeined up, we headed over to Yarnzilla, which was one of Peeve’s must-see Minneapolis destinations.

This may or may not have been because of Yarnzilla’s amazing wall o’ Koigu (they have more in the back – and I think that gap at the right end of the second row from the top is where Peeve had already grabbed a few skeins). Peeve’s love of Koigu is infamous.

More on the great yarn I got at Yarnzilla in a few minutes. We then proceeded into Minneapolis proper to Depth of Field. If you were a game show contestant, wouldn’t you select the prize behind the yarn door? I thought so.

After stopping so the Peeves could have a bagelly lunch, we headed down to Uncle Hugo’s and Uncle Edgar’s, where we discovered a book signing in progress. I picked up the latest (For a Few Demons More) from the lovely and gracious Kim Harrison.

Our next stop was Dreamhaven, where Mr. Peeve purchased a Cthulhu baseball cap, autographed Neil Gaiman goodies, and much, much more.

I was fascinated by the display of awards Neil Gaiman won for his novel American Gods. Sorry about the crappy picture, CV… Top center was his Hugo Award, then from left to right, his Locus Award, SFX Award, Nebula Award, and Stoker Award. Seeing a Hugo and a Nebula in person – wow.

We were all pretty tired after that, so we wandered over to my condo and vegged for a while before venturing back out for some food at Tum Rup Thai. The rest of the evening was spent knitting (Peeve and I), doing laundry (Mr. Peeve), and trying to convince Chaos that just because people aren’t me doesn’t mean they’re bad.

Sunday morning, we stopped for breakfast at the Uptown Diner, then had time to stop at the MSP Airport Post Office so the Peeves could lighten their load a bit before they hopped on another plane. Thanks for stopping in Minneapolis, you two! I had a blast, and my lumpy futon is yours for any future visits! 🙂 Maybe it won’t be raining then – as feared, it rained all weekend. The Peeves claimed to enjoy the rain, since Melbourne is suffering a drought. Well, then, they came to the right place.

So back to the yarn… On the left is a gorgeous skein that Peeve brought me from Australia – it was dyed by the late Marta, so this is a very, very special skein. I hope I can do it justice. Thank you ever so much, Peeve. I am honored.

The next two skeins are from Yarnzilla – they’re One Sheep Hill superwash merino sock yarn (500 yards) and are hand dyed exclusively for Yarnzilla. (This yarn isn’t on their website yet, but should be soon.) Linda, the gracious owner of Yarnzilla, gave Peeve and I each a skein of the colorway in the center! Thank you, Linda!

“Hmm, maybe your skein has that one sheep in it, May. I don’t think mine does.” -C

*sniff sniff sniff* -M

Peeve also bought me a lovely skein of Henry’s Attic Carrera (50 silk/50 merino), which I look forward to dyeing this summer. Thanks again, Peeve! While we were at Depth of Field, I picked up some other yarn for dyeing – in the center are a few balls of sportweight Colorado Yarn from the DoF Sale Loft. The two skeins on the right are Jeannie from Kraemer Yarns (80 superwash/20 nylon, 480 yards), which I hadn’t seen before.

“I will love this skein forever and I will name it Mayhem.” -C

“Wait a minute…” -M

“Hey, cut it out, you two! Unpaw that yarn, Chaos!” -me

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  1. Sounds like a really fun visit with the Peeves! I had to stop myself from buying a dozen of those hand-dyed skeins at Yarnzilla. Luckily, Linda wasn’t there at the time – I think she is the Master Enabler.

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