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Again with the cat pictures instead of linkity (plus bonus socks)

I was recuperating from a migraine (the first one in 14 months!) during linkity making time, so have some cute cat pictures instead. Plus some completed knitted objects!

Mayhem, so over my taking her picture.

Harry hanging out mostly upside-down on the kitty hammock.

Polly looking as if her body’s missing.

This pair of Meilenweit Cotton socks is for me. It’s a bit of a miracle that they match as closely as they do, because there were a couple of knots in the skeins – and in one, the colorway reversed. :Jean-Luc Picard facepalm:

These were gifted to my SIL for her birthday. Let’s just say that Fame Trend has some loooooooooong color shifts. Fortunately, my SIL claims to love this pair of only vaguely related socks.

Thunderbolt and linkity, very very frightening!

Mayhem in her role of sock quality control.

Harry is so handsome! 😉

Polly thinking some deep thoughts, apparently.

Cats and socks and linkity, oh my!

Socks for my SIL’s birthday. Some sort of Regia with the DK Flatiron pattern.

MORE socks for my SIL’s birthday, plus Harry (not for her birthday). This was Opal with a R1: Knit, R2: K1, P1 pattern.

Not dead! Polly was purring away. 🙂

*thlurp* -Mayhem

First linkity of 2022…..

Oh hi… :waves: We’re all alive! Thanks to everyone who checked in – those were bright spots in some dark days.

So far I’m giving 2022 a 0/10 (do not recommend), to be honest. On New Year’s Eve day, I fell on ice and felt fine at the time but felt less fine over the next few days and then spent most of the next two months in bed. My hip and lower back feel SO much better now and I’m even back at work. And when I venture outside, I’m wearing something called EXOspikes on my shoes to deal with the snow and ice.

These look great, don’t they?

I hope they don’t just dissolve when my SIL wears them – I knit them from Poem yarn, which does NOT seem durable at all. Partway through, there was a knot and (although I couldn’t tell at the time) the colorway was attached backwards. 😮 Again, 0/10 (do not recommend) this yarn.

Mayhem on her way to a routine vet appointment.

Polly hanging out on the cat tree.

Thoughtful Harry is thoughtful.

In which linkity contains a photo of completed knitting! (I hope you were all sitting down.)

Socks for me from Sparkly Grainbow yarn (Artistic Yarns by Abi) – Nicole knit herself a pair of socks from this yarn and I HAD to do the same. (Guest appearance by Polly.)

Polly upside down cake!

Intent, focused Harry is focused and intent!

Mayhem suffering Harry’s presence.

Art Journaling Monday! Now with 100% more knitting than usual.

Welcome back to Art Journaling Monday! 🙂

10 journal prompts to get you thinking about politics… if you can stand to do so.

The really funny thing about these socks I “finished” a few days ago? I discovered them when I was looking for something else… and they only needed two ends woven in to be done. Of course, I do remember moaning and bitching about the skein of yarn I used for them, which I firmly believe should’ve been sold as seconds due to the truly alarming number of ends in it. I’d planned to knit these matchy matchy, but by the time I started the second sock, I knew that wasn’t going to work (too many knots) so I knit it from the opposite end of the skein.

“What are these things on the floor?! They seem somehow familiar, maybe from a long, long time ago.” -Mayhem

Linkity wishes you a happy new year


  • This turned out pretty well – it’s a gift, for a late Christmas gathering later today:


Learn, Make, Do, Think


Gluten Free



Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
Down on the Farm (The Laundry Files 2.1) by Charles Stross. Good paranormal short in which Bob is sent to the Laundry’s psychiatric in-patient facility to investigate a patient complaint.
Equoid (The Laundry Files #2.9) by Charless Stross. Free online. Good paranormal horror short about Bob being sent forth to hunt for unicorns, which have rather more tentacles and carnivory than Bob (or the reader) expects. This won the Hugo for Best Novella this year.
Overtime (The Laundry Files #3.5) by Charles Stross. Good short paranormal holiday story about Bob working overnight in the office on Christmas Eve. Of course he doesn’t have a quiet night.
The Rhesus Chart (The Laundry Files #5) by Charles Stross. Good paranormal horror thriller in which computational demonologist Bob discovers what seems to be a nest of vampires, except everyone he works with is convinced that vampires can’t exist. While this didn’t end with a cliffhanger, it did end with me exclaiming, “Wait, what?!” and looking for additional pages…
Halting State (Halting State #1) by Charles Stross. Weird but good scifi novel about a crime (or not) that may (or not) have occurred inside a virtual reality game. It’s told in second person (to give you the feel of playing a game, I think) from the alternating perspectives of three people who are trying to figure out what happened (or didn’t). Definitely took me a bit to get used to the unusual storytelling mode.
Rule 34 (Halting State #2) by Charles Stross. Rule 34: “If it exists, there is p0rn of it. No exceptions.” Good scifi thriller about memes, spam, and life in the surveillance state, told in alternating second person (mostly) from three main points-of-view, although the POV number ratchets up toward the end. While there’s no POV character overlap with the first book, one of the main POV characters played a significant role in the first book. Again, it took me a while to get used to the storytelling mode, but once I did I was immersed.

“More socks! Are you feeling ok, Mom?” -Mayhem

And without Mayhem:

Linkity for a surprisingly pleasant (so far) early August


The neighbors across the hall recently had a baby, so I knit some bibs for a baby gift.


Think, Make, Do, Learn



Gluten Free



Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
The Kid: A Season with Sidney Crosby and the New NHL by Shawna Richer. Very good account of Sidney Crosby’s rookie season with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2005-2006. I’m pretty sure that any use of the phrase “beestung lips” is too many – this book used it three times! As a Pens’ fan, it was fascinating to discover the origin of the much-repeated taunt about Crosby diving (blame the Flyers) and disheartening to realize that several of the things Crosby knew he needed to work on during his rookie season (such as letting rival teams get him wound up to put him off his game) remain problems for him today.

Ok, it wasn’t that long ago that I took this picture, but I can’t tell exactly how much of Mayhem is there on the right. You can see one of her back paws sticking straight up in the middle, but anything to the right of that… (Sorry, Cheryl.) Anyway! It’s possible they wouldn’t feel quite so done in by the (moderate) heat if they weren’t on a fleecy blanket…

Vintage Knitting Patterns: Hand Knits for Men (reposted from 2007)

Mayhem presents…

“Um, what am I doing?” -Mayhem

Never mind, May… Let’s peruse Hand Knits for Men (revised, 1961), shall we? Feel free to caption amongst yourselves, although let’s try not to make my hit statistics too interesting, eh?! In a rare show of restraint, I’ve confined my captions to the picture titles – hover your mouse pointer over the pictures to see. ;)








In which Mayhem discovers stripey socks on the floor

I finished knitting these socks a bit after midnight on December 22. I knew I’d be mailing them over my lunch break that day, so I took pictures as soon as they were finished. When I set the socks on the floor, Mayhem woke from a deep sleep and came over to see what was up.

“Hey!! Stripey socks!!” -Mayhem

“Yup, definitely stripey socks. I approve of their bright pinky purpleness!” -Mayhem

“Oh, nice texture, too.” -Mayhem

“Were you trying to take pictures of stripey socks without my assistance?! For shame, Mom, for shame.” -Mayhem

“Ok, carry on, then.” -Mayhem

The yarn is Grignasco Strong Print, colorway 013, and the pattern is a basic blueberry waffle.