Did someone mention stripey socks?

Wanda’s having a birthday card exchange – check out the details if you like to get cards on your birthday but don’t seem to do so in our electronic age.

Back in June, when I was in Denver at Michaele’s place, I started a pair of stripey socks, from Meilenweit Colortweed. I’m kind of glad I’ve been distracted by Sockamania socks since then so that I didn’t finish these socks until this past weekend because this is a perfect Project Spectrum colorway (orange-purple-brown)!

“These are, of course, for me.” -Mayhem

“Don’t you be telling me they aren’t for me!” -Mayhem

“Because I really, really like these socks. I will love them and hug them and call them stripey socks!” -Mayhem

“See? I hug them! And hug them again!” -Mayhem

50 thoughts on “Did someone mention stripey socks?”

  1. What’s with Mayhem and those socks? Is it the texture of the yarn, or the color? Maybe you should knit her a bib to model out of that stuff….

  2. Red,purple & black all in the same sock.. how perfect can you get? Are you sure that’s not the yarn that is made partially from ‘nip? Seems May loooooves those socks.

  3. I do like the colors in this yarn. I was going to ask if you dip your knit projects in catnip or something – I actually discourage my pets from laying all over my projects. I have enough dog and cat hair as it is. I found my dog had slurped all over one of my River socks – luckily no teeth were used.

  4. Oooh, I’m with May! Those socks are delicious. It makes me want to track down that yarn. Not that I need more sock yarn, but still, it’s beautiful.

  5. Ah, so she *did* know something we didn’t! 🙂

    Very nice socks. So are you going to give them to her? Or is there enough left-over yarn to make something for her with?

  6. yet another pair of pretty socks!! I need to get some socks I’m happy with OTN. I’m just not lovin’ either pair I have right now. In fact, I just pulled the needles out of one sock (quick and less painful just to slide those needles out)

  7. May and the socks definitely look cuter than Bert and his latest obsession – he’s been hauling around a pen on a lanyard lately.

  8. Hey! Another Bugs Bunny fan! “I will love you, and hug you, and pet you and call you George” so says Gossamer the Snowman. That is exactly how our dark tortie became Princess George. She started out as plain Princess or Prinney but eventually got the George added on because she became such a lap kitten wanting to be hugged, loved, and cuddled all the time. So now she’s Prinney Georgie. Love those Bugs cartoons!!!!!
    Also love your blog and May and Chaos. I have four chaotic critters so I know what you go through.
    Ann Carpenter, Dallas, Texas

  9. oh may may. don’t forget to feed the socks too. If you have leftovers of that yarn, maybe make her a teeny tiny sock, stuff it with batting, and let her have it?

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