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Another dreary day in linkity land

Mayhem’s still a cutie!

Harry is very serious. And annoyed about having his photo taken.

Polly checks out a charging cable.

Polly gnawing on the split loom tubing protecting the charging cable…

Linkity is very tired of March’s lionish behavior

Mayhem would prefer not to have her photo taken, thanks.

Goofy Polly!

My, what a big mouth you have there, Harry!

Cloudy day, everything’s linkity

Harry always looks so skeptical/crabby, but he’s the sweetest boy!

Polly sitting like a people.

Mayhem asleep on my lap.

Linkity after 13+ inches (33 cm) of snow

Such an adorable goofball!

Harry can be very intense.

Mayhem, very close.

Linkity during a false spring

Harry and Polly’s second adoptiversary was on the 16th! Don’t they look excited. 😉

Harry on my bed.

Polly upside-down cake!

Linkity really needs to get around to assembling that LEGO bonsai

The Lady Miss Princess Mayhem!

Polly and Harry hanging out on the kitty hammock.

Harry and Mayhem napping on my lap.

Linkity is soooo over this cold weather thing

Harry and Mayhem sleeping on my lap.

Polly creepily sleeping with her eyes open.

Harry talking to me.


Linkity hunkers down for the cold again

Polly and Harry napping – Harry, as always, keeping an eye on me.

Polly and her sleeping “blep”.

Harry “thlurrrp”.


Mayhem is THRILLED (not) to be sharing the sofa with Harry.

The Cute! It burns!!!! (Polly is as sweet as she looks.)

Harry wondering what the heck I want NOW.

Linkity sympathizes with anyone who has paraskevidekatriaphobia

Yet another shot of Mayhem looking every bit the Panther Princess.

Polly on my lap, Harry (suspiciously) next to my legs.

Polly side eye.