In which I finally post a clear picture of the lacy tank dress

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Ta-da! The lacy tank dress, mostly dry.

Pattern: Lacy tank dress from Knitting for Babies, modified by knitting in the round to the armholes and by picking up and knitting a round on the hem, then binding off in purl (hopefully to help control the curl). If I knit this again, I will probably knit a few rounds of garter stitch on the hem to control the curl a bit better, but I didn’t have enough yarn this time. This took me 10 days to knit and finish.
Yarn: Five skeins of SWTC A-MAIZ-ing (100% corn fiber, machine wash and dry) in Imperial Purple. This yarn is a knit tube type ribbon yarn. I thought it had good stitch definition and a lot more give than cotton.

I don’t think Mayhem is too emotionally scarred by wearing the dress, as she certainly made herself comfortable while it was blocking (it’s inside out in the next two pictures).

*slurp slurp slurp* -Mayhem

“Pssst. Hey, big kitty, this is that dress Mom made us wear. I’m showing it who’s boss now!” -Mayhem

“Um, May? Like the dress really cares.” -Chaos

61 thoughts on “In which I finally post a clear picture of the lacy tank dress”

  1. nice baby dress. Dunno what the cats are so fussed about – it is purple at least!
    10 dyas to knit eh? Well I’d best get a wriggle on with the baby dress I am making – I started three times last week before finding a patternt hat I liked and stopped joining the circle with a nice little twist! I’ve only got like three days to beat your record! LOL

  2. OK, so maybe I’m wrong. I thought I couldn’t knit because it is so warm, here, in TX but that shows some promise!

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