“So this is the new year, and I don’t feel any different.”

– Death Cab for Cutie, “The New Year” (No, really, I haven’t used this title before. Really. See? Similar, but different.)

I realized that I was running out of time to do a 2009 in review post and not have it be utterly silly. So, allow me to present my year in reading and knitting.

In 2009, I read a lot. Really. A lot. Um, 811 books is a lot, right?! Here’s the complete list, sorted by rating and then by author. You’ll notice that there are some books that look as if I read them in 2010 – those are rereads that I also read in 2009. (For reference, I read 388 books in 2008.)

My now beloved ebook reader had a huge impact on my reading last year. Although I didn’t get the reader until April, I read 500 ebooks last year; 445 of those were m/m titles. At this point, I would rather read ebooks than print books!

Please note that part of the reason for what looks like a crazy number of books read last year is because ebooks tend to be shorter overall than print books. While I tagged 79 books as shorts (all were ebooks), I didn’t start using that tag until a few months ago.

In 2009, I completed two reading challenges by joining them after I had met the requirements: 2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge and 100+ Reading Challenge. That’s apparently the secret for me and challenges – find out about them after I’ve completed them without knowing I’ve completed them. 🙂

This was not a good year for knitting, due to neck/back pain and lack of inspiration. (And, sadly, 2010 isn’t off to a great start knittingwise.) I completed a neck cozy, a baby blanket, a sweater that was mostly already knit, some bibs, and seven pairs of socks.

“Um, Mom? Those knitters aren’t stupid. They’re going to remember that you posted this same sock done to the same point already. But whatever. It’s your blog, your shame. Doesn’t mean I have to stick around to witness it.” -Chaos