Most stealthy Chaos ever?

Some of you noticed that I was wearing the Shaped Cardigan in the party pictures. I started this sweater in August of 2007 and finished it on January 13, 2009. I have no good excuse for why it took me such a long time to finish this sweater. I quite like knitting with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and don’t mind knitting with black. I think I just got really bored knitting stockinette back and forth, especially since I added several inches to the length. Whatever. It’s done now!

I iz dork.

Be scared that’s the best picture I got from multiple photo sessions. But I had to include it since you can barely tell it’s a sweater from the floor shots below…

“A-ha! Perfect Chaos camouflage!” -Chaos

“No one will ever suspect!” -Chaos

“I think this is probably my best plan ever.” -Chaos

“Hee hee!” -Chaos

“I am Stealth Chaos!” -Chaos

“I hope you’re not trying to hide, big kitty, because if you are, I have to give you a FAIL.” -Mayhem

“You can’t see me, May, so stop pretending you can.” -Chaos

40 thoughts on “Most stealthy Chaos ever?”

  1. LOL! I iz dork cracked me up! Don’t be ridiculous, you look great!

    Oh! What’s that thump I hear? I think it’s Marina falling to the floor after seeing your WIP!

  2. I’m glad I didn’t have anything in my mouth, Brigitte 😉

    Hmm, it looks great, Chris. If that’s boring, how are you going to get through miles of garter stitch? Hopefully, the short rows and shaping of Mermaid might keep you on your toes. Is that the next “sweater” 😉

  3. Now we all know your secret: you put catnip in little sachets and stash them in with your sweaters. Does it really help keep the moths at bay? ;o)

  4. Beautiful sweater! I do sympathize with stockinette stitch boredom though. That’s part of the reason I abandoned my Sahara for a more interesting project. Still, I’d rather do miles of stockinette than moss or seed stitch. (For some reason ribbing doesn’t bother me even though it’s pretty much the same thing as far as the act of knitting goes.)

  5. Is Chaos in those pictures? I can’t see him.

    One thing I can see though is that you iz not dork. Love the sweater. I knit one a few years ago, but alas, I am now fat and it won’t fit 🙁 Time for another, bigger one I think.

  6. I think the sweater looks great! Chaos would have done better to just lie on top of the sweater with his eyes closed, which I’m sure May pointed out to him.

  7. Great sweater! And very convenient colour, it is, too. That’s what I need to do. Coordinate my clothes with the cat who sheds the most. Or only get black cats.

  8. Ha ha ha! I love reading this blog just to see what your cats do. 🙂 The sweater is pretty too. And at least it’s black so the cat hair won’t show. 😉

  9. oh Chris- it’s adorable on you! good job getting that one done.
    I think that it takes herculean effort to finish a stockinette sweater.
    heh heh, Chaos, we can’t see you at all. really.

  10. What? I don’t see Chaos anywhere. 😉

    Oooh, an FO!! And it’s a sweater! Don’t be silly, that’s a perfectly normal amount of time to knit a sweater. It looks great and so do you. I iz dork. Snort.

  11. I think it is both a nice picture and a nice sweater!

    Wow, Chaos really had us all tricked there, didn’t he? Good thing May was able to show us where he went …

  12. To Lorraine:

    If I could whiff the catnip, I’d probably attack everything in sight, which is pretty much what my kitty does when she has had the good stuff. I would look awfully silly rolling around on my back and kicking things all over the floor!

  13. Now that kind of makes me want to knit.

    In the long run, does the yarn cost more than the garment would from the store? I know that isn’t the point. Just wondering how much something like that would cost to make.

  14. Doesn’t it feel great to finish those “old” projects? I have a sweater that has been languishing on the needles since Feb. ’07, and I still want to finish it. I think I may need to establish a “Tuesday is work on neglected projects day,” or something to that effect!

    Too bad Chaos wasn’t around to get in the picture. Oh, well! Next time…

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