Most stealthy Chaos ever?

Some of you noticed that I was wearing the Shaped Cardigan in the party pictures. I started this sweater in August of 2007 and finished it on January 13, 2009. I have no good excuse for why it took me such a long time to finish this sweater. I quite like knitting with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and don’t mind knitting with black. I think I just got really bored knitting stockinette back and forth, especially since I added several inches to the length. Whatever. It’s done now!

I iz dork.

Be scared that’s the best picture I got from multiple photo sessions. But I had to include it since you can barely tell it’s a sweater from the floor shots below…

“A-ha! Perfect Chaos camouflage!” -Chaos

“No one will ever suspect!” -Chaos

“I think this is probably my best plan ever.” -Chaos

“Hee hee!” -Chaos

“I am Stealth Chaos!” -Chaos

“I hope you’re not trying to hide, big kitty, because if you are, I have to give you a FAIL.” -Mayhem

“You can’t see me, May, so stop pretending you can.” -Chaos