Sunset, sunset

Hmm. Since I didn’t prepare you for two consecutive days of knitting, I’m a little worried about the manifold ramifications thereof.

Everyone still with me? Good. I started the Meilenweit Sunset socks in mid-February and finished them last night. I like them. A lot. That may or may not be related to the near-perfect level of matchy-matchy I achieved. Or it could be the purple.

There was a shocking level of feline interest in the completed socks.

“Man, dinner sure was tasty. But then… it always is. Too bad there’s never enough of it.” -Chaos

“Nothing like a little after dinner bath. A clean panther girl is a perfectly wonderful panther girl!” -Mayhem

“Hmm… stripeyish socks have appeared on the floor. This has the look of a panther girl trap! I must be wary.” -Mayhem