Sunset, sunset

Hmm. Since I didn’t prepare you for two consecutive days of knitting, I’m a little worried about the manifold ramifications thereof.

Everyone still with me? Good. I started the Meilenweit Sunset socks in mid-February and finished them last night. I like them. A lot. That may or may not be related to the near-perfect level of matchy-matchy I achieved. Or it could be the purple.

There was a shocking level of feline interest in the completed socks.

“Man, dinner sure was tasty. But then… it always is. Too bad there’s never enough of it.” -Chaos

“Nothing like a little after dinner bath. A clean panther girl is a perfectly wonderful panther girl!” -Mayhem

“Hmm… stripeyish socks have appeared on the floor. This has the look of a panther girl trap! I must be wary.” -Mayhem

43 thoughts on “Sunset, sunset”

  1. Wow, you did a great job matching up the colours, and I love them. *love love love* How is it your heels look so good?!

    (Watch as panther girl allows her curiosity to override her instincts. We set this trap to see if we can get our cameras closer to the elusive female panther, and our patience has paid off. Look at the magnificent coat! Will she pounce on the hapless prey? Or will her instincts warn her off? Let’s watch.)

  2. Ooh.. love the socks! They appear to be very matchy-matchy because I couldn’t find the bit that didn’t match and I didn’t break out into hives upon viewing them. lol.

  3. those are really cute socks!! And VERY matchy matchy! I’m impressed. i usually am a bit off on one of the toes. which is why I like to change the colors in heels and toes!

    May leads such an exciting life!!! (in her mind)

  4. “There was a shocking level of feline interest in the completed socks.”

    I think they are hinting that they want handknit socks of their own.

  5. And just when I’d tried so hard to convince myself that not matchy-matchy was my own art form, I see that your matchy-matchy truly is the essence of socks.
    Very beautiful. How could they not be? Matchy-matchy AND purple!

  6. Considering the different sizes of stripes, that is amazing matchingness. And that is a fabulous purple. I’m sure May will like them more when they are sopping wet and in the sink.

    I like Chaos’s tongue in his picture. I guess he did like dinner!

  7. Best matchy-matchy grapey-grapey socks ever. That was fast work on those. I agree with all Melanie said above. I think I’ll look into Meilenweit Sunset sock yarn. Yums!

  8. That is a great shade of purple! I wish I finished more of my sock projects more frequently (I think I have 3 pairs on the needles, waiting for me to finish the gift scarf before I can touch them again).

  9. Wow, I’m amazed at your stripe matching abilities. Course that could be because I throw caution to the winds when it comes to matching stripes. I love the socks!

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