Bright colors are stimulating for babies, right?

Some friends finally had their baby a few days ago. Congrats to them! And now the important bit – I can finally post my FO pictures of the baby blanket I made. 😉 Let’s get the cat-free picture out of the way first, shall we? (Please ignore the odd lighting effects – it was sunny and neither my camera nor I had any idea how to deal with that unexpected event.)

This is a variant of the Artful Afghan I made a few months ago. I knit this all in stockinette (instead of a combination of stockinette and reverse stockinette) with a garter stitch border. The stripes are wider than the original Artful, since I was using KnitPicks Swish Worsted left over from the Pinwheel Sweater I knit in 2007 and just knitting until I ran out of each color. (The colors are, from the center, Ballerina, Bubblegum, Red Pepper, Fired Brick, Bordeaux, Wisteria, and Navy Blue.) Many thanks to Jeanne who contributed a vital skein of Navy Blue!

“Hmm. These colors seem hauntingly familiar, but I just can’t put my paw on why…” -Chaos

“Hey! May! This is mine. Go find your own stripey floor covering.” -Chaos

“You’re not the boss of me, big kitty! Bring it on!” -Mayhem

43 thoughts on “Bright colors are stimulating for babies, right?”

  1. That is a great blanket! Although in my home, the cats would have taken it over in about, oh, 3 minutes. Once they’d get the sniffing out of the way.

  2. Very cool baby blanket.. which is great because if the child gets attached to it (like my son did) the parents will be seeing the thing long into pre-school days. lol.

  3. Chris this is really fantastic. The colors and the pattern are so non baby blanket-ish. I’m sure this will be treasured for decades to come.

  4. Cute, cute, cute blanket. After I saw your first one, I purchased the pattern (even my husband thought it was a great pattern).

    Now, when are you going to make Chaos a blanket out of his favorite yarn?

  5. OOh, I love it! Very pretty and bright. As the mommy of two girls, I can say that a baby would like it, as well as a toddler. You did a good job.

  6. Sunshine AND knitting? Is this really you? lol.

    Purty!! Wow, stockinette? That’s hardcore. CoP is in garter and even that is a long slow process.

    Ah. The darling kittens are showing the scale. That’s one big baby blankie.

  7. I can see why the sunshine would make pictures so hard! I think our camera gets SAD and doesn’t want to take pictures, and then gets confused when there is some sun to work with (though in all honesty, my camera skills are pretty poor… I should take a class in my copious free time).

  8. “Do not attempt to adjust your picture. We are in control.”

    The last shot looks like May and Chaos are doing that fist-bump thing 🙂

  9. Congrats to your friends! I amazed Chaos and May gave it up. Or maybe Chaos did put his paw on why it’s so familiar. Hey they’re kind of like stripey socks, only flat.

  10. I love the optical delusional effect! I am all over getting “odd” colors for babies (meaning I think it’s a great idea).

  11. Wowzers, it’s neither a sock nor a bib nor purple! Chris is branching out! Seriously, that is a beautiful afghan. The babe will snuggle up happily, I am sure.

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