The magic of 100

Trekking 100, that is – the most magical of Trekking colorways. A few weeks ago, Carole posted pictures of her newly finished Trekking 100 socks, which reminded me that I had a couple skeins of said colorway.

These are definitely not matchy-matchy. I didn’t even try – in fact, I knit each sock from the opposite end of the ball. Considering that, I was surprised at how similarly parts of the socks turned out.

*sniff sniff sniff* -Chaos

*sniff sniff sniff* -Mayhem

“Nothing to see here but more socks, Mayhem. Move along.” -Chaos

“But they are kind of stripey, big kitty…” -Mayhem

40 thoughts on “The magic of 100”

  1. Nice colours!

    No matter how hard I try, I can *never* match up my socks. I’m knitting a pair with OnLine now, and if it does end up matching – well. I’ll actually post about them!

  2. Very nice! The colorway looked familiar and, sure enough, I have that in my stash! I was also going to cast on today for a new pair of socks. Hmmm…

  3. Trekking is probably my favorite sock yarn, but I’ve never used that particular colorway. Hmm. May have to get some now! They look great (and perhaps they taste great too??)

  4. “Trekking 100”. The name makes me wonder why I’ve been cramping my brain coming up with interesting names for my own hand-dyed stuff. Very pretty socks, Chris! Obviously Chaos and Mayhem approve.

  5. They really were close in some places – and not quite so much in the others…at first glance they look very matchy.

  6. Now those are some great colors! Maybe you should start a cat modelling socks series, although you may lose a finger or two.

    We put socks on Django the other night, it was quite funny, but they weren’t hand-knit socks so not really blog-worthy.

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