Could the non-knitters stand behind the knitters, just in case the knitters pass out from shock?

Thanks. Let’s try to blog safely here and minimize injuries, shall we?

Yes, ’tis true – after over two months, I have finally finished the socks I started at Brigitte’s house while I was on vacation.

“What do you mean, move? If you didn’t want me on them, you wouldn’t have them in the condo.” -Mayhem

“See how concerned I am about moving? Not.” *groom groom groom* -Mayhem

*time passes and Mayhem gets bored and wanders away*

At last! Allow me to present you a cat-free picture of my gradient socks!

“Doopity doopity doopity do!” -Chaos

Oh, never mind.

40 thoughts on “Could the non-knitters stand behind the knitters, just in case the knitters pass out from shock?”

  1. It’s awfully nice of you to be prepared for accidents in case of fainting knitters … and, good thing it wasn’t the other way around, because knitters usually have pointy sticks in their hands!

  2. Yea… May wondered away because she saw all those white things in the corner… hee hee!!! Yarn is not so fun when it is made into something MOM!!!
    Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday!

  3. Chris- Maybe you were thinking subliminally about the Toronto Maple Leafs when you started them.

    Lowest ranking team in the NHL- THAT’s something to be proud of!

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only (knit) blogger who feels the need to provide warnings on fiber posts. Makes me feel less lonely 😉

    I really like the color variations.

  5. Well regardless of how much time they took, they look beautiful.

    Cats do have to lay on everything don’t they. My dad’s printshop cat, Pica, had to lay on/in every box that came in and went out of the printshop. The customers just got used to a little Pica fur in their printing.

  6. I’d say something about you having a FO but I don’t have room to talk. 🙂 They’re gorgeous socks! The gradients even match. Well worth the wait.

  7. those turned out so beautifully! and I admit, there was some swooning at the sight of knitting under May, but not to worry, Em jumped up and roused me from my faint.
    The color change of your hand dyed yarn is fabulous!

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