Beryl Tendrils

At last I have finished the Tendrils Ribs Socks that I’ve been test knitting for Mary Lou! I will definitely be knitting these again – this is a gorgeous stitch pattern and Mary Lou’s pattern was very easy to follow for this novice top-down sock knitter.

I did run out of the Original STR Beryl on the first sock (slightly darker sock on the right below) and I switched to some semisolid Koigu to finish the toe. However, the second skein had more yardage in it, so I ripped out the first toe and basically knit the toes of both socks from each end of the longer skein until I ran out of STR, then switched to the Koigu.

Here’s some stitch pattern detail:

“Not truly stripey. That’s all I’m saying.” -Mayhem

After my crazy working forty hours in three days last week, I’ve spent very little time on my computer and my Google Reader and email reply backlog reflects that! Hopefully I’ll get caught up soon…

33 thoughts on “Beryl Tendrils”

  1. How great is that? Having an FO this early in the year!

    Yikes! 40 hours last week? Shortened week at that? I dread going into my e-mail this morning…

  2. Love the stitch pattern and the yarn colorway is yummy. I’m not looking forward to my work day AT ALL. Four days off again would be heaven!

  3. Chris- I really like that Beryl color. I have so many skeins of STR and hardly ever do socks, so I can’t justify myself, except to say that the joy is in the owning.

    Much like cats.

  4. Did you have two skeins of STR or did you split one in half before started? Which weight STR? I like to use lightweight.

  5. Hope you have a less work-filled week this week. I love the socks – what a great colour and pattern 🙂

    They match Mayhem beautifully!

  6. I think the toes look great! (I actually have a skein of str in beryl… have been thinking about what to make w/ it…along w/ all the other too much yarn I have…)

  7. The socks are gorgeous! Hopefully this week won’t be as crazy busy for you. After working 40 hours in 3 days, I don’t think I would spend much time on the computer either.

    Looks like May needs some stripey socks.

  8. pretty socks! I, too, love the stitch pattern. Congrats on your first pair of top down 🙂
    forty hours in three days? whoa. sounds like one of my schedules.. I hope things settle down soon for you.

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