2008 in Review: Reading

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Near the beginning of 2008, I joined LibraryThing and started to seriously track my reading for the first time. My goodness. I really had no idea. In 2008, I read 388 books. (If you’re morbidly curious, you can look at the whole list.) I’d say at least a dozen of those were either quite short, or were anthologies in which I only read one or two stories. But still. No wonder my “to watch” piles of dvds and videotapes never gets any smaller!

How did I manage to read so many books? Well, I really do read fast. Always have. Then I took Efficient Reading in college and it turned me into a speed reader. Add to that the fun of slogging through technical and academic prose for my master’s degrees – reading fiction is bliss after that whole academia thing.

I also read while I knit. I’ll pause for some of you to say “Oh, I could never do that!” That’s what I thought, too. Many, many thanks to my friend Lisa for convincing me otherwise. I’ve previously described the process of teaching myself to read while knitting. A good bookholder is critical; Limedragon has a great list of various bookholders and how they worked for knitting.

And then I realized… I have no bookish pictures for my reading post! Eeep! So allow me to present proof that I can toss nearly anything on my floor and get cat photos…

“Hmm. No ‘nip. No pink feathers. This is lame.” -Mayhem

“Mmmm… May doesn’t realize that books can be very tasty, even without ‘nip.” -Chaos

“Hey! I’m hiding here!” -Chaos

“I’m good at hiding. You so can’t see me.” -Chaos

“Hmm. This looks like a trap.” -Mayhem