In which we discover the new stripey

I’ve been knitting even less than usual lately, between feeling muy meh and having poked a painful hole in the tip of my right index finger while knitting. A painful hole that simply will not go away, alas.

So this pair of socks (Opal Tutto, colorway 4) took nearly a month to complete.

Apparently May thinks it was worth it.

“Crazy ziggy zaggy socks!” -Mayhem

*rapturous rolling* -Mayhem

*bath break* -Mayhem

“What’s that about stripey socks, Mom? Oh, those are so yesterday.” -Mayhem

31 thoughts on “In which we discover the new stripey”

  1. Ooo, ow! I once stabbed the palm of my hand with a DPN. And it took forever to heel.

    She does blend right in! I love how kitties can stop right in the middle of what they are doing for a quick bath. Heh.

  2. I hope the vitamin D kicks in and you start feeling better. I wear band aids to bed every night to repair finger holes. It takes two nights and the hole is gone. Mayhem is so right. 😉

  3. I sometimes poke under the nail, that really hurts, but doesn’t impede progress. Feel better in all ways. Hope the sunny weekend helped. I take 1,000 iu of d every day. I nearly put iud. nope.

  4. I get that same painful hole. I keep a package of band aids in my knitting kit, but I hear a piece of tape might also be effective.

    I do like the pooling effect you got on those socks, though. Awesome. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  5. And they’re kitty-colored zig-zaggy socks. How perfect!

    Owie! Hope your finger is better soon. And the meh.

    My mother’s D test came in at 45! And she’s almost never outside. I checked her vitamins, and between her multis, calcium, and D supplement, she’s been getting 2800 iu per day for years.

  6. Very cool socks.. I’m having problems with wrist pain when I knit with small needles (or circulars, it seems) so the socks I’m working on are taking forever as well.

  7. Wild socks! Those turned out really well. Sorry to hear about your finger. I hope it heals soon.

    Maybe May’s rolling all over the socks was an attempt to shed on them and make them as black as she is. They might be looking too tigerish and not pantherish enough for her.

  8. That’s funny! When I saw the title of the post, I thought, “Black and white is the new stripey.”

    Lo and behold I open the link and there they are: socks and cats sporting the latest colors.

  9. After all the baby knitting, I haven’t been knitting much either and I don’t have a good excuse.

    Cool socks! I can see why May likes them. Plus they’re color coordinated.

  10. sorry to hear about the vitamin D deficiency, although I’m sure its a relief to know why you’ve been feeling meh. Hopefully things will get regulated, figure out why deficient, and back to normal life.

    I like those socks.

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