“So this is the new year, and I have no resolutions.”

– Death Cab for Cutie, “The New Year”

  • I had this grand plan of having a 2009 in review post all ready to go for today.
    • I even worked on it at Spyhouse Coffee Friday!
    • Well, sort of worked and sort of hung out with CJ while she sort of worked, too (click on the comic to embiggen):

    (idea totally glommed from Paperback Writer)

    • Anyway, that was before I worked a full day Sunday and my schedule got all messed up.
    • My work week is Monday through Friday, barring a crisis.
    • There was a crisis.
    • The Y2010 Crisis, to be exact.
    • Or would that be Y2K10?
    • It was caused, for my company, by programmers (at two separate external vendors) who apparently dealt with Y2K very sloppily.
    • Thus instead of 2009 rolling smoothly over into 2010, it rolled over into… 2000.
    • My quickie fix to get us back up and running will only work until 2019, but hey, at least we know there’s a problem this time and that we have nine years to fix it!
    • Anyone want to take bets what we’ll be working on December 31, 2018? 😉
    • Chaos puked on a library book with deckle-edged pages (thanks for that bit of book trivia, Marji!).
    • It looks like something far, far worse happened to the book.
    • I believe that I have just purchased Visions in White by Nora Roberts.
    • No way am I taking the book in to the library. I’m just going to tell them it was lost.
    • They don’t need to see what it looks like. Trust me on this one.
    • Let’s see, what else has been going on? Oh! It’s been bitterly cold here.
    • Saturday morning it was -17F/-27.2C (not counting windchill) at 9:30 am when I went out to make sure my car would start so I could drive to a family gathering 60 miles away.
    • It started. Go, car!
    • Some of you from colder climes will already know this, but at -17F, when you drop into your car seat? It has no give whatsoever.
    • Your face starts to stiffen up moments after being outside, too.
    • And your home tends to make alarming booming sounds as it contracts. O_o
    • Good thing our family gathering turned out to be a lot of fun, eh?
    • My stepmom made gluten-free lasagna!
    • And my SIL made chocolate-covered gluten-free pretzels for me to bring home!
    • How has the New Year been treating all of you?

    “Whoa. Who spiked the ‘nip on New Year’s?!” -Chaos