“So this is the new year, and I have no resolutions.”

– Death Cab for Cutie, “The New Year”

  • I had this grand plan of having a 2009 in review post all ready to go for today.
    • I even worked on it at Spyhouse Coffee Friday!
    • Well, sort of worked and sort of hung out with CJ while she sort of worked, too (click on the comic to embiggen):

    (idea totally glommed from Paperback Writer)

    • Anyway, that was before I worked a full day Sunday and my schedule got all messed up.
    • My work week is Monday through Friday, barring a crisis.
    • There was a crisis.
    • The Y2010 Crisis, to be exact.
    • Or would that be Y2K10?
    • It was caused, for my company, by programmers (at two separate external vendors) who apparently dealt with Y2K very sloppily.
    • Thus instead of 2009 rolling smoothly over into 2010, it rolled over into… 2000.
    • My quickie fix to get us back up and running will only work until 2019, but hey, at least we know there’s a problem this time and that we have nine years to fix it!
    • Anyone want to take bets what we’ll be working on December 31, 2018? 😉
    • Chaos puked on a library book with deckle-edged pages (thanks for that bit of book trivia, Marji!).
    • It looks like something far, far worse happened to the book.
    • I believe that I have just purchased Visions in White by Nora Roberts.
    • No way am I taking the book in to the library. I’m just going to tell them it was lost.
    • They don’t need to see what it looks like. Trust me on this one.
    • Let’s see, what else has been going on? Oh! It’s been bitterly cold here.
    • Saturday morning it was -17F/-27.2C (not counting windchill) at 9:30 am when I went out to make sure my car would start so I could drive to a family gathering 60 miles away.
    • It started. Go, car!
    • Some of you from colder climes will already know this, but at -17F, when you drop into your car seat? It has no give whatsoever.
    • Your face starts to stiffen up moments after being outside, too.
    • And your home tends to make alarming booming sounds as it contracts. O_o
    • Good thing our family gathering turned out to be a lot of fun, eh?
    • My stepmom made gluten-free lasagna!
    • And my SIL made chocolate-covered gluten-free pretzels for me to bring home!
    • How has the New Year been treating all of you?

    “Whoa. Who spiked the ‘nip on New Year’s?!” -Chaos

    48 thoughts on ““So this is the new year, and I have no resolutions.””

    1. LOL on the car seat comment!!

      Happy New Year to all of you too! I can’t believe you had to work NYE… Ick! No idea if we had such problems; the beauty of no longer doing support.
      .-= Brigitte´s last blog ..Happy New Year! =-.

    2. Maybe call the library? I imagine they have salvaged worse. Ramsey Co. library has a newish policy – the lost book fee is much more than the purchase price. (I suppose to cut down on people who just won’t look for that book.)

    3. Happy New Year Chris!

      Ack sorry about the work crisis – but yah re the fix – by you.. 😉

      Sounds like a good family gathering.

      It’s freaking freezing here too… about the same as in your neck of the woods with the windchill. I have to put 2 coats on Tori for her to go outside.

      Chaos! You have the good life man!

      Best to you Chris..

    4. It has been a looooong time since I’ve had to deal with -17F weather. There are good points to living in the south, after all.

      I hope you like your new book…
      .-= naomi´s last blog ..busybusybusy =-.

      1. I was able to work from the comfort of my coach in my bathrobe, if that helps. 🙂

        LOL – I totally didn’t have enough frames in the comic for all the staring off into space and at the other patrons that both of us did!

    5. So was it all the ‘nip that made him puke?? We want to see a photo of the book, you know we do.
      And I don’t miss that cold one bit. Give me rain for four months straight anytime.
      .-= Lorette´s last blog ..How Did It Know?? =-.

    6. You won’t be working on anything on Dec 31st, 2018 because by then you’ll have forgotten about it much like the people who “fixed” the Y2K bug 10 years ago forgot that they didn’t really fix it, they hacked it. What the heck is CommentLuv and why do I want it enabled?

    7. Excellent comic. Are you sure you never had children? That’s what parenting is like, too.

      I’ll see your -17ËšF and rais–, er, lower you to -31Ëš. That was the temp here a couple nights ago when I made my 3am bathroom run. And that was INSIDE the house.
      .-= kmkat´s last blog ..Heads. And helicopters. =-.

    8. Oh my Chris!! I am glad that overall you had a great time. Consider yourself the Hero to the Rescue for work! You go girl!!!

      Someone spiked the nip huh Chaos, lol!!! Sha ~ to cute!

      Oh wow, that cold huh. Brrrr just thinking about it!
      Gluten free, my Mom was just placed on a gluten free diet… do you get recipes from somewhere? Curious. If not, no biggie!

    9. Happy New Year! So glad your car started!

      Dolly threw up a couple weeks ago, right on a book that was laying on the bed. Luckily, it was one I had bought for $1 at a library book sale!
      .-= janna´s last blog ..Happy New Year! =-.

    10. Chaos seems to be living it up a bit more than he can handle.

      Bummer on the cold weather! It wasn’t so bad in Wisconsin over Christmas, however, there hasn’t been more than an hour of sun every few days wherever I’ve been the past 3 weeks.
      .-= Brenda´s last blog ..Foul Weather Thwarts FO photoshoots =-.

    11. Oh, poor Chaos. The downside of overindulging.

      Sitting in a coffee house with you and CJ (not) being productive sounds like great fun.

      Though IDK if I could handle that weather! I don’t think I’ve ever been in weather below 20F.

      I think I’ll have to check out the Comment Luv thing for my WP.
      .-= Renee´s last blog ..Top 5 Reads of 2009 =-.

    12. Sounds as if you had a good New Year in spite of the work-induced Chaos! (Or is that the Chaos-induced work?)

    13. Happy New Year! Sorry you had to buy a book unexpectedly. So far my puker hasn’t hit anything that wasn’t mine…

    14. Doesn’t everybody throw accidentally damaged books down the Return Chute in the middle of the night, and claim that the previous borrower must have done it?

    15. Heee @ Chaos

      I’ve had Atonement from Blockbuster for two months..just got a $5.50 bill in the mail..score!

      I hope it warms up…it was 22 here today and my heater has been running nonstop 🙂

    16. Yikes, that’s cold! I’d definitely just cough up the cash for the Nora Roberts book; there’s no need to freak out the poor librarians.

      Y2K10 — I didn’t see that one coming.

    17. -17 should be illegal.
      booming noises? omgosh…
      and the whole visions in white thing – errr.. it must have been the way a bunch of us have been thinking……… I also succumbed. hah
      .-= Teyani´s last blog ..January in the NW =-.

    18. And I thought it was cold here at 27, and 16F. At least we’re in the positives.

      YAY for you for fixing the company’s computer crises. I think this calls for extra catnip all around, though the non-spiked kind! Chaos looks like he needs to recover a little from the spiked one!
      .-= Debby´s last blog ..Happy 2010! =-.

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