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On birthdays and book sluttery

Thank you all so much for the lovely birthday wishes yesterday! I took the day off from work and slept in, then spent the day doing pretty much nothing. Ahhh… Late in the afternoon, I met CJ for dinner, conversation, and laughter at Chiang Mai Thai. Very relaxing day indeed.

Of course, the birthday festivities really started a week ago, when Jeanne came over with flourless chocolate cake and yarn. 🙂 On Saturday, my family got together for more cake (my SIL makes a divine gf carrot cake – I promise to get the recipe and post it sometime!) and presents. Um, I might have been living on leftover carrot cake for a few days there… *ahem*

So, I think I detected a theme in my birthday cards. Can you see it?

Apparently everyone’s accepted that I’m a crazy cat lady. Now they just have to get on board with my being a crazy cat’n’book lady, because yesterday I won a prestigious award:

Many thanks to Kris and Tracy! I am honored to join Wendy the Super Librarian, who won this award last time. 🙂

Chaos wasn’t impressed by any of this.

“I stick my tongue out at all these distractions, Mom! You should be entirely focused on moi.” -Chaos

“See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the Dancing [Princess]”*

  • Congrats to elaing, GSM, CrystalGB, Estella, and Little Lamb Lost, who all won copies of Kate Perry’s Chosen by Desire in my recent contest!
  • At long last I have finished notifying winners in the Completely Out-of-Control, Over-the-Top Book Giveaway (and should finally mail books on Monday). Congrats to Moonsanity, Eve S, blodeuedd, Guinifer, Anne Marie, and KitKatKnit! Amusing trivia about the winners: two winners were from Finland and one winner lived close enough that we met for coffee yesterday so I could deliver her books! *waves at Guinifer* And I even knit a few inches on my second sock (no longer a protosock!) while we had coffee and chatted. (Hey, can someone pass Jeanne some ice? Looks like she bumped her head pretty hard when she read that I was knitting.)
  • I’m taking today off from work to enjoy the hopefully warmish and sunnyish weather – have a great weekend, everyone!

“I am a Dancing Panther Princess!” -Mayhem

“Get your ghost paws out of there, May. I’m locked and loaded – that toy is toast!” -Chaos