Stumbling Over Chaos Stumbling Over Chaos
In which I run out of distractions and am forced to post knitting

Earlier this year, Jeanne and Deb and I got together at Deb’s for a fabulous day of yarn dyeing and conversation. I dyed a KnitPicks sock blank to make some more gradient yarn. (Bookfolk, just skim over this part and nod and smile.) Hmm. And apparently took no pictures of the sock blank, nor of the skeined yarn. Anyway, here’s the first sock and the proto-second sock (ie, the other ball of yarn). (Brigitte’s now noticing that this sock is about an inch longer than it was when I was at her place last month. Umm…)

“Does this photo make my tail look big?” -Chaos

Hmm. Let’s try that again.

“Oh! Yarn! And needles! Yum! My favorites!” -Mayhem

No yarn or needles were harmed during this photoshoot, but as usual, it was a near thing.

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  1. 38 mos ago

    Here I am thinking – oh wow, she started the second sock!! Whoops…

    Ah, seeing those brings back good memories! *sigh*

  2. 38 mos ago

    Pretty! It looks like Trekking yarn only with nicer colors!

  3. 38 mos ago

    Nice pants!

  4. 38 mos ago

    Every time you post a pair of your socks I want them… As said before, they would look SO cool with Birkenstocks. Now I wish I’d asked you to bring along your sock in progress when we met…

    That yarn is just SO cool…

  5. 38 mos ago

    Proto second sock. i love it.

  6. Looks great so far! : )

    So… where’d you get these kitty pajama pants??

  7. 38 mos ago

    Sign I could use some caffeine: it took me a couple of seconds to recognize your pj pants as such, rather than as a bunch of cat tattoos. Heh.

    Nice sock…

  8. 38 mos ago

    You did a good job of dyeing…the blue is fabulous. Was Bridget giving you the cold shoulder for leaving Chaos home?

  9. sassyspins
    38 mos ago

    The kitty pj’s are great! Nice sock, also.

  10. 38 mos ago

    You post about whatever your hearts desire and I will still read it all!!! I am not a knitter… so I have no clue when it comes to any of that… but at least I will let you know that I stopped by to say hi!! And I hope the snow has stopped for a while and it is aaalllmmmooosssttt Friday!!!

  11. 38 mos ago

    What was that word that started with “k” again? ;)

    Great socks, though :)

  12. 38 mos ago

    Very nice. I’ve been curious about those blanks from knit picks, its probably the only way I’d try dyeing, but then I’m just not that adventerous either.

  13. 38 mos ago

    The sock looks great!
    And I love the kitty jammies.

  14. Lorraine
    38 mos ago

    Chris- Looks great- gradient yarns are tricky to do.

  15. 38 mos ago

    The socks look really good. I can see your pjs!

  16. 38 mos ago

    Very cool! The gradient looks good!

  17. 38 mos ago

    Lovely socks! I’d say that the gradient dyeing was a success.

  18. 38 mos ago

    So, did the blank leave little white spaces where it was knitted together, was it a PITA to skein, how is it knitting up…of course answering these is optional because the chance of my putting that much effort into a sock is not too terribly great. But I like the thought of it.

  19. Estella
    38 mos ago

    Good looking socks.

    Your yarn looks a lot neater than mine ever did when the cats were around.

  20. 38 mos ago

    Very nice. I love how well the gradient dying seems to have taken. While I love variegated yarns, I don’t really like working with them that much. A lot of the time they seem unplanned or haphazard. This is a nice compromise between the spontaneity of variegated and the wearability of a semi-solid.

  21. 38 mos ago

    Knitting! Oooh! Where’s that black sweater…..?

    Chaos, you look adorable, as always.

  22. ikkinlala
    38 mos ago

    I love that yarn – you did a great job!

  23. 38 mos ago

    You … knit?

  24. Clueless about yarn so *nodding and smiling*

    Love the jammy pants!

  25. Nikki
    38 mos ago

    very pretty yarn!!

  26. 37 mos, 4 wks ago

    Pretty pretty! If I’m not careful, you’ll have me dying yet… :p

  27. 37 mos, 4 wks ago

    That is a gorgeous sock :)

  28. 37 mos, 3 wks ago

    Nicely done – I love the gradation. I have to be satisfied with already dyed and ready yarn…no time to spin OR dye anything. Barely time for KNITTING!

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