Stoned on sunbeams

Congratulations to Kellie, Lisa, and Kim, who were randomly selected in my contest! Thanks to everyone who left such, um, interesting advice for Chaos and Mayhem. I’ll be having words with a few of you, should the kitties take your advice! 😉

Apologies to those who got stuck with an earworm yesterday… Particular apologies to poor Sydney who read both post and comments and left with a mixture of “Wuthering Heights” and “Wimoweh” going through her head. I hope she’ll be ok… I did loop 10 or 15 minutes of “Wimoweh” (aka “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”), but I continue to be impervious to that particular earworm.

Thanks to the Knitty Professor for sending me a link to Monty Python’s Semaphore Version of Wuthering Heights. It is well worth watching. Also, thanks to YouTube, not only can you see the video for the Kate Bush version of the song, you can also see the video for the Pat Benatar version!


One thing I didn’t do much of at the cabin was knit, so really, I have no new knitting to show you. Shall we look at the lake and the leaves instead?


And I may not have had a chance to take a picture of the Yellow Brick Road in Grand Rapids (honoring Judy Garland), but I did get a few pictures of a wonderful coffeehouse. Great name, eh?

I totally wish this coffeehouse was just a few blocks away from me!

I had lunch there – they make a quiche with rice instead of “real” crust (so it’s gluten free!) – this was the first quiche I’ve eaten in many, many years.

Although I have no proof, this is how I suspect Mayhem spent her weekend while I was at the cabin, all “waaaaaah-ing” aside:

*sunbeam sunbeam sunbeam* -Mayhem

*sunbeam sunbeam sunbeam* -Mayhem

37 thoughts on “Stoned on sunbeams”

  1. Oh, those are lovely pictures of the lake. I just love this time of year…

    I finally got that song out of my head only to have it replaced by a commercial ditty. *sigh*

    They look so content when lying in the sun, don’t they?!

  2. Chris- Monty Python makes everything better. That’s always been my philosophy.
    Just don’t show the babies any of the kitty sketches. (e.g. feedling the cat Lupines…)

  3. Love the post title! Looks like a lovely spot. No knitting? I’m surprised… but that’s just me.

    I had a recipe for an apple tart using a rice crust. I never could get the crust to work (the instructions weren’t very good). Was it soft or crispy?

  4. When I went to a Jasper Fforde reading a few years back, he credited the Monty Python skit of Wuthering Heights with being a large part of his inspiration for the Thursday Next books.

  5. As confused as I was by the Kate Bush video, I find the Pat Benetar one even more puzzling. Couldn’t they sync up lips and lyrics just a little bit better?

  6. Speaking of Monty Python, have you played Confuse-A-Cat with your kitties? It’s a really, really easy game. My family has played it on me many times. I play it on myself on a regular basis. Kats are easily confused.

  7. Wonderful photos, and it looks like a great coffee shop. Glad you could have quiche. I make quiche like a baked fritatta without any crust to cut down on calories.

    Mayhem looks so happy in the sun. Years ago on Christmas vacation, I followed my parent’s Burmese throughout the day as he moved from sunny spot to sunny spot. Those cats know a thing or two about the good life.

  8. Lol, oh congrats ladies!!!

    I love monty python…so has anyone seen Spamalot? Heading to vegas in a couple of weeks and was wondering if it was truly worth the $$???

  9. May’s sunbeam down under…So the love of a sunbeam is worth putting up with having your photo taken…good to know. It’s a good angle–you look very “big kitty”.

  10. coffee…*sniff, sniff*…I can’t drink it caffeinated for 9mths and here you are taunting me. I love the name of that place, that’s perfect. So, what was in that quiche, the rice crust sounds good.
    May, the sun goddess!

  11. LOL! “Wimoweh” is gradually drowning out Kate Bush, but I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. 🙂 Oh, I haven’t seen the Monty Python version of Wuthering Heights in a while. Sunbeam catching is a popular sport at our house.

    Congrats to the winners!

  12. Gah! You’ve done the Lion thing again!!!!!

    We only have Starbucks here so any coffee shop that wasn’t we enjoyed. I’m going to have to find out about the rice crust now as I’m intrigued!

  13. Oh poor May! Or maybe it’s just that you always put up pics and comments that immediately put to mind of a little addictive personality. hmmmm???? The starnosemole is at fpea DOT blogspot DOT com, the Sep 14 07 post.

  14. What a beautiful lake! We’ve been listening to the CD of children’s music you sent quite a lot and I can’t stop singing Oh Susannah.

  15. I’m still so excited that I won. 🙂 Yay!

    Now clear something up for me… Were you in Grand Rapids, MI? Or was it some other Grand Rapids I don’t know of? 🙂 Cause if you were in Michigan, I truly need to find out where this yellow brick road is and go see it. 🙂

  16. I used to be a regular at that coffeehouse (and the gallery next door) back when it was just two round tables and loosely assorted chairs 😉 Nice booths they’ve added. Their blackberry italian sodas (with cream for those not lactose-intolerant) were excellent, as well as their coffee.

    I could almost swear that is Crystal/Ice Lake in that picture, but I’m probably just transferring memories — looks very familiar though 🙂

  17. Dang, I didn’t win! And here I thought I’d have the kitties pulling for me. See if I’ll be sending you two any catnip for Christmas. 😉

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