The Completely Out-of-Control, Over-the-Top Book Giveaway [CONTEST CLOSED]

It’s been a while since I did one of these. (Flashback to the Contest of BABEL.) I always seem to end up with a stack of books that I’ve accumulated through various means: being at the library’s withdrawn store or the thrift store without an inventory of my library, accidentally buying a duplicate, receiving a duplicate, or intentionally buying a used duplicate because I liked the book and hoped to pass it on to someone.

Comment on this post before 7 pm CDT,  Monday, October 26, for your chance to win some of the books pictured below. I will randomly pick at least three winners, each of whom will be able to select up to five books. Most of the books are used and, unsurprisingly, are likely to have a wee bit of cat hair on them. 🙂 (Please note that actual cats are not included in the giveaway.) (Contest open everywhere, although due to the cost of international shipping, international winners will only be able to select up to three books.)

“Is there a problem?” -Mayhem

Hmm. Trying again for an unobscured shot…

Plus this ARC, which didn’t fit into the picture above:

Please ignore my toe, which is holding down the curling cover. Here’s a list of all the books:

  • The Pajama Girls of Lambert Square by Rosina Lippi (hardcover, new); The Border Lord and the Lady by Beatrice Small (ARC, new); Bitten (Women of the Otherworld) by Kelley Armstrong (trade pb, used); Industrial Magic (Women of the Otherworld) by Kelley Armstrong (pb, used); Through a Crimson Veil (Crimson City) by Patti O’Shea (pb, used); Moon’s Fury (Tales of the Sazi, Book 5) by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp (pb, used)
  • Dark Symphony (Carpathians, Book 9) by Christine Feehan (used, pb); The Twilight Before Christmas (Drake Sisters, Book 2) by Christine Feehan (used, pb); After Dark (Ghost Hunters, Book 1) by Jayne Castle (used, pb); Wild and Hexy (Hex Series, Book 2) by Vicki Lewis Thompson (used, pb); Damien (Nightwalkers, Book 4) by Jacquelyn Frank (used, pb); The Iron Hunt (Hunter Kiss, Book 1) by Marjorie M. Liu (used, pb); I Thirst For You (Primes, Book 2) by Susan Sizemore (used, pb)
  • Lucky Charm and Lucky Streak (Lucky Trilogy, Books 1-2) by Carly Phillips (used, pb); Hidden Agendas (Tempting SEALs, Book 4) by Lora Leigh (used, pb); The Mercenary (T-FLAC, Book 1) by Cherry Adair (used, pb); Minion (Vampire Huntress Legend, Book 1) by L.A. Banks (used, pb); Rogue (Werecats, Book 2) by Rachel Vincent (used, pb); Hotter Than Hell, edited by Kim Harrison (used, pb, contains stories by Harrison, Tanya Huff, Lilith Saintcrow, Keri Arthur, and more)
  • Blood Price (Blood Books, Book 1) by Tanya Huff (new, pb); Hawkspar (A Novel of Korre) by Holly Lisle (new, pb); Desire Unchained and Passion Unleashed (Demonica, Books 2-3) by Larissa Ione (new, pb); Round the Clock by Dara Girard (new, pb); Murder at the Old Vicarage and The Murders of Mrs. Austin and Mrs. Beale (Lloyd & Hill Mysteries, Book 2 & 4) by Jill McGown (used, pb)
  • Knit the Season (Friday Night Knitting Club, Book 3) by Kate Jacobs (ARC)

“Big kitty, I don’t want these books to go away. I like sitting on them.” -Mayhem

“Don’t worry, May – after these go away, we can just knock more off the bookshelves for you to sit on.” -Chaos

91 thoughts on “The Completely Out-of-Control, Over-the-Top Book Giveaway [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. Wicked awesome opportunity! Please enter me in this drawing.

    As for cat hair, with 4 of my own the books would fit right in with my library. Indigo

  2. So is there enough cat hair with those books to make the shipping costs higher?? 😉

    And don’t worry Mayhem. Even if your Mom gives away all those books, I have a sneaking suspicion that there are many others in the house for you to sit on.

  3. I would love to be entered into your book give away. My kitties need new books to knock down off the shelf.

  4. Oh Wow ! Somebody still loves us Internationals !


    It is very kind of you to offer even as many as three, as postage can be a bummer.

    Please enter me for:

    1. Murder at the Old Vicarage
    2. The Murders of Mrs. Austin and Mrs. Beale

    (I have only read her Death in the Family but I enjoyed it)
    3. Knit the Season

    Thank you for making so many books available.


  5. I love books and I’d love to have the chance to pick out my own, so I hope you pick me! Pats to Mayhem and Chaos.

  6. Wow, what a beautiful cat. I’ve tried talking my husband into a cat, but he argues allergies. Ack!! Thanks for the great contest!

  7. Well, I, for one, am glad the kitties are not included. Chaos and Mayhem already exist here in forms other than feline.

  8. yay books! and while they’re right adorable, it’s probably a good thing kitties aren’t included in the giveaway. I’m not sure Bartholamew would accept any more siblings (esp those “evil” little black ones. Some days he still looks at me wondering why I brought Pepper home LOL)

  9. I love reading like you do. I get lost in the books & my hubby is always reminding me to do more around the house. Please enter me in the contest. Thank you.

  10. OMG What an amazing giveaway! Please count me in for the draw!!! By the way, how my cats do you have? I have one cat, he goes by the name of Tigger and he’s a huge bundle of fur and I adore him!

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

  11. Please, please, please count me in the contest!! 🙂 This is beyond awesome!! ^_^

    P.S. Love the cats! 😉

  12. Hi. Wow that’s quite a selection. I’m an avid reader and would love to win some of your books. Please count me in. Cheers. polo-puppy-fluffy AT hotmail *dot* com

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