33 thoughts on “Can’t blog. Cat dancing.”

  1. Hey honey!! OMG, this is too cute. May you rock out that Catdancer thing!! Now after you play, tell Mommy to give you your tiara so you can rest as the Queen you are!
    Hope you are having a great day honey!

  2. We got these little crinkley bug thingies for our cat, Norman, and for fun we tied a piece of cotton yarn to it, so that we could wave it around and such. Norman is scared to death of it and goes running from the room (he’s 6), but we now have 3 little kittens(about 6 weeks old) staying in the house who get no end of enjoyment from this toy. Norman acts tough and like he knows it all, but we know better! (oh, he’s just fine with the bug that can’t wave around on the string, though)

  3. What IS it about that dumb little toy that makes every cat go nutso? I mean, it’s bits of cardboard and a wire . . .

    Mardi loves it, and also Da Bird (her absolute favorito)

  4. Lookit that belleh! The Cat Dancer is easily Ricky’s favourite toy. He will play with it until he flops on the floor with his tongue hanging out.

  5. Cat dancer is the bestest (and cheap!) toy evah. ALL the kitties love it. Even Elvis, who isn’t quite sure what to do with it, but is quite happy to grab it with both paws and hang on!

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