Friday is linkity day! Well, except for the next two weeks, when Thursday will be linkity day.

I never heard back from the first winner, so congrats to Juli-Anna, who’s the new winner of A Shifter Christmas (The Lost Shifters, Book 8 ) by Stephani Hecht!

Congrats to Jase, who won Knight’s Fall (Boys in Blue) by Mia Watts! Knight’s Fall will be released December 20 by Total-E-Bound.

Congrats to Tracey D, who won His Christmas Present by Rachel Randall! His Christmas Present will also be released by Total-E-Bound on December 20.



  • Do not watch the video for Blank: A Novel if you are especially sensitive to violence against books.



  • We had a lot of snow and then it got cold. If you missed my photo of what my street looked like after the snow stopped, it’s at the end of this week’s Misadventures post.

Think, Do, Make, Learn

Gift Ideas



  • I’d never heard of the archer fish before. (Thanks, Jase!)
  • If you’re planning to get cremated, a ghost urn would be pretty cool.



Teh Cute

Reading Update
The Match Before Christmas by Eden Winters. ebook. Excellent m/m holiday romance about a contractor who joins an online GLBT dating site several months before Christmas, with the hope that he’ll meet someone and not be alone (well, besides his two black kitties) on Christmas. Anyone who’s ever done the online dating thing will be able to relate to the numerous and discouraging encounters he has before almost giving up on his plan… And my kitties are in the dedication! 🙂
Trust Me If You Dare (Romano & Albright, Book 2) by LB Gregg. ebook. Very good m/m romantic suspense continuing the madcap and lusty adventures of caterer Ceaser (who really does need someone to keep him out of trouble, possibly by wrapping him in cotton wool and locking him up) and his boyfriend, PI Dan (who would so like to take that job on). *commences waiting for Book 3*
Cameron’s Pride (Thrown to the Lions, Book 4) by Kim Dare. ebook. Very good kinky paranormal m/m romance about a lion shifter without a pride, working as a stripper, and about the rich jerk determined to make that lion his for any amount of money.
Red Lights and Silver Bells (EMS Heat, Book 6) by Stephani Hecht. ebook. Very good holiday m/m romance about how important facing emotional demons is to moving on with life.
I’ll Run Away for the Holidays by Stephani Hecht. ebook. Sweet holiday m/m romance about a guy whose best friend guilts him into driving from Florida to her home in Michigan for the holidays… and then he finds out that her younger brother, who made a slobbery (and rebuffed) pass at him several years before, will be joining them for the drive.
Making His List by Devon Rhodes. ebook. Excellent m/m holiday romance about a guy who always keeps the men he dates at arm’s length, and having his young niece and unreliable sister move in with him just give him more excuses to do so. I might’ve gotten sniffly while reading this one. *ahem*
The Reason for the Season by Chrissy Munder. ebook short. Very good short m/m holiday romance about a college student in the UP, trying to get to his sister’s house in Flint for Christmas, who gets a ride from the rideshare board into “snowpocalypse.” I especially enjoyed this story since I was reading it during what the local news stations dubbed “snowmaggedon.”
The Next Twenty by Margaret Mills. ebook short. Very good short m/m holiday romance about a straight guy in his 50s, who discovers that a good friend, freshly retired from the military, is gay and has been attracted to him for years.
Enchanted Grounds by Michelle Moore. ebook short. Good short paranormal m/m holiday romance about a guy who finds a mysterious coffee shop and starts to visit it daily, at the same time that he starts having realistic dreams about sleeping and snuggling with a man he’s never met…
The Wild Side by Janey Chapel. ebook short. Very good short m/m romance about a college student who agrees to help out a friend by waiting tables over Valentine’s Day weekend. He’s never been interested in seeing the same guy twice… is that about to change?
Vintage Toys for Lucky Boys by G.R. Richards. ebook short. Ok short m/m holiday romance about a guy who brings some old toys into an antiques shop to be appraised… and things proceed a bit too quickly for me to believe. The insight into being transgendered was the best part of the book.
White Out by Heidi Champa. ebook. Ok short m/m romance about a researcher, escaping a broken heart and swearing not to fall in love again, who takes a six-month research position in Antarctica to get away from memories of his ex. (Still haven’t figured out the title, as it didn’t seem to relate to anything in the book other than Antarctica being cold and snowy.)

*sigh* “I knew it was too good to last…” -Chaos

“Hi, big kitty! You looked lone… ooooh, shiny!” -Mayhem

29 thoughts on “Friday is linkity day! Well, except for the next two weeks, when Thursday will be linkity day.”

  1. People (and especially authors) complaining about Amazon’a position on erotica have to realize that nothing says that a retailer must sell a particular product. If that retailer chooses not to stock certain material, no one can force them into it. Note that while there are tons of “adult” videos available, Blockbuster does not carry them (their business, their decision) and I haven’t seen any major outcry that Blockbuster should be forced into carrying a particular porn studio’s offerings.

    The seven deadly lolcats dovetail my post today! 😀
    A recent post from trek..Its in all the translationMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the mentioning. 🙂

    The book Christmas tree looks nice. Perhaps I try it at home next year.

    KZ’s post about Goodreads reviews was hilarious.

    I’m guilty of reading and not leaving a comment on Jessica’s post about the survival of blog commenting vs twitter/ tumblr etc. Very interesting post though.

    I’m not necessarily against ads in ebooks if it makes them cheaper…

    I enjoyed Red Lights and Silver Bells too and I’m looking forward to reading her other book. Most of the Christmas stories are on my TBR (much looking forward to Devon’s one now) and Trust Me if You Dare is on my wishlist!
    A recent post from Janna ErotRomReader..Review- Tooth &amp Nail by Mary CalmesMy Profile

  3. Great links today….I wonder if they ever will figure out how stonehenge was built. But then again I had no idea that pandorica box was under stone henge so it proves we are still learning things about it. hee hee

    Love the household item sculptures. How cam people be so creative. It wears me out just thinking about it.
    A recent post from Rebekah..The Matching Hat and Coordinating ScarfMy Profile

  4. That “reindeer” looks suspiciously like a long horn steer.

    The combo meal thing makes me laugh. Yesterday I had lunch at a restaurant that had a variety of lunch combos. If you picked soup and salad as the two items, it was $5.99. However, the soup and salad if purchased separately were $2.49 each. ???

  5. Hmm wondering if I have the right number of green books or enough wrapping paper to make a book tree.. might be difficult with the kittens though.

  6. Another day when I show up after the party. LOL

    I loved those sci-fi books for kids.

    Love the science pics. Very cool.

    I think the kid needs a space heater. Her room is over the garage (uninsulated) and farthest from the furnace. It’s always freezing in there. She sleeps with an electric blanket.

    Who’d want to retire to New Jersey or Ohio anyway?

    I passed that link of those science cookie cutters to my friend who teaches science. She’ll get a kick out of those.

    You know I don’t even like smores? Good think I’m not American or I’d probably lose my citizenship. I HATE toasted marshmallows. Ick.

    Tree boot. I like it.

    Eeek, those goats made me queazy just looking at it.

    Love the kitty feet teddies.

    I must get some of those books. Holy hell I feel like I’m behind in the reading. Next week, really. I hope. Sigh. Have a great weekend and hopefully no more snopocalypses in the foreseeable future for you.
    A recent post from Tam..I got nuthin How about some musicMy Profile

  7. Propoganda caffeine haters! Wait. Caffeine Deniers! Um. I’ll work on it & get back to you. (Impartial Study of Caffeine’s Effects is so dull). Caffeine is ALL.

    Hi, Mayhem! Nice of you to keep Chaos company. Briefly.
    A recent post from Carrie K..Sitting PrettyMy Profile

  8. Oh, what good linkity we have today! And I’m supposed to be writing. Loved the Christmas tree made of books, and KZ’s post about reviews. I can’t believe people said that!

  9. Yay! I finally had time to sit and enjoy the linkity fun!!

    I laughed at friending parents on FB. All 3 of my kids are my friends. And it doesn’t stop them from posting all kinds of stuff.
    Those glow in the dark zombie shoes are awesome! Not for me but awesome.
    I’ll stick to upbeat happy Xmas songs!
    Loved the digital Nativity!
    Looks like some people need to rethink their cake making abilities.
    Cool science pics.
    WOW, that was a lot of snow. Good thing the stadium was empty.
    The spelling/reading comprehension was very interesting!
    300 blogs? Really? I can barely keep up with a fraction of that. LOL, and I didn’t comment either despite feeling a bit her on comments. When the number of followers for my blog grew I thought it was pretty cool but then I realised only a few people ever comment. My awesome faithful followers!!! Blame it on lurkers and lack of time, I guess.

    The only one of the books I’ve read is Devon’s which I really loved.

    Happy Sunday and thanks for the mention.
    A recent post from Lily..Making His List by Devon RhodesMy Profile

  10. Adding my applause for this set of links. Still working my way through them all. I can’t choose a favorite when there is Caffeine, eBooks, science photos, grammar videos, action figures….

    woah, *is now tired*

  11. Oh wowowowow…. Thanks for listing me my friend!!!
    And I am just going to skip over this weekend.. To much to go through again. Hugs!!! And I am not even going to mention what today is… and what that means tomorrow will be!

  12. Hi Chris. Thanks for the mention of my giveaway! Whenever I see your linkity lists, I always wish for more time. Such interesting stuff. I’m going to try to talk my sweetie into a Christmas tree made of books for next year.

  13. I want a Christmas tree made out of books! waaaah. I want, I want, I want! 🙂

    Great linkity as usual. KZ’s commenting on GR’s omg hilarious!

    Pooh – half the book covers aren’t showing up for me for some reason. The Wild Side sounds good though…among others, dammit. lol
    A recent post from Tracy..What I Read Last WeekMy Profile

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