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Abundant linkity abounds

No linkity next week! I won’t be available during my linkity making time.

“WHAT NOW?!” -Harry and Polly

Probably wondering if I’m taking an unflattering photo of them…

Harry watching a BIRD.

Polly chittering at a bird.

In which Harry and Polly turn 2

Mayhem helping my newly washed sheets regain some of the lost fur…

Happy 2nd birthday to Harry and Polly!

It’s linkity time again!

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brene Brown. A very good and very timely read – if everyone seems more and more polarized on issues and you’re trying to bridge the widening gap, this book might help.
Art Supplies: Making, Manufacturing, and Creating by Jane Audas. Very good overview of people and companies involved in the creation of art supplies, from Beam Paints to Liquitex.

Polly upside-down cake!

Harry sleeping off some ‘nip.

Linkity is Concerned that the world is melting



Polly laughing at her own joke.

Linkity does not endorse [feline] sibling smackdowns

Polly is not pleased Harry has infringed on her space.

“Harry STOP!” -Polly, apparently

Linkity big

Harry being a goofball.

Polly telling me something.


Title-free linkity

Harry hanging out, being silly.

Polly has mastered the dead bug pose!

Siblings looking outside, focused on very different things.

In which linkity perhaps overcompensates for missing a few weeks…

Mayhem turned sweet 16 on May 27th!

Polly has a lot to tell me!

Mayhem looking out the window.

I got a Dyson fan/air purifier recently and the siblings found it puzzling.

You can almost see the question marks floating around Harry’s head!

Linkity is so ready for a long weekend

Mayhem in the midst of shaking her ears off of her head, apparently.

Harry sees a BIRD!

Polly is so stressed…

Linkity hail

Polly has been enjoying watching BIRDS out the windows.

Harry also enjoys looking out the windows at BIRDS.

But nobody’s letting spring get in the way of napping.