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Linkity’s looking forward to the end of 2021

My surgery went well, everything was benign, I’m healing fine, and so far I’m coming up negative for covid. Hey. Living the dream! (Some family members who stopped by to visit and drop off Thanksgiving leftovers for me on Black Friday [masked, as was I] have tested positive for covid. So!)

Reading Update
The Book of Raven: Corvids in Art and Legend by Angus Hyland & Caroline Roberts. Lovely book, exactly what it says on the tin.

All three cats on me! You can see marks from my fingers on Mayhem’s head.

Harry under the “EEEEEEK” blanket from Target.

Sleeping Polly.

Harry smug, Mayhem annoyed.

Last linkity of November!

No linkity next week! I’m having surgery Tuesday to remove a (most likely not cancerous) ovarian cyst, plus the ovaries and tubes. Send happy laparoscopic thoughts my way!! (And I am soooo ready to be done with 2021 and all of the health fun it’s brought my way.)

Polly and the Very Dirty Paw.

That bit of vine outside the window torments Harry so!

Sleeping siblings. Awwww!

Harry knows if you’ve been bad or good, apparently.

In which linkity contains a photo of completed knitting! (I hope you were all sitting down.)

Socks for me from Sparkly Grainbow yarn (Artistic Yarns by Abi) – Nicole knit herself a pair of socks from this yarn and I HAD to do the same. (Guest appearance by Polly.)

Polly upside down cake!

Intent, focused Harry is focused and intent!

Mayhem suffering Harry’s presence.

Linkity linkity link link

“Wha…?” -Polly

Mayhem looking, as someone commented on Insta, “not just tragic, but French levels of tragic.”

Intent Harry is intent!

Happy not-Halloween-yet linkity!

The cute! It burns!!!!!!

Harry does not approve of your shenanigans.

Intense Polly is intense.

Sometimes it seems every possible linkity title has been used

Harry, please don’t sit on your sister…

Mayhem and Harry napping.

Side-eye from Polly? Or kitty eyes o’ love?

Brief linkity of brevity

When Sorrows Come (October Daye #15) by Seanan McGuire. Was this the end of the series?! Including the novella, it sure felt like it could be the end.
The Last Oracle series, starting with The Book of Secrets, by Melissa McShane. Very good series about a woman who’s hired to work for an unusual bookstore and learns she’s now part of a magical world she had no idea existed.

Polly blep, with Harry looking out the window in the background.

Blurry Harry licking my ear (ewww), but it IS a very cute picture of his Halloween bow tie!

Polly’s pretty happy lap blanket season has returned.

Harry’s pretty happy about lap blanket season, too.

Linkity’s been boostered

Got my COVID booster on Wednesday and am having the same reaction as I did to the second shot – I’m tired and a little sore and we’ll see how much linkity we end up with this week, eh? (Spoiler: Apparently a lot of linkity!)

Harry upside down cake!

Polly upside down cake – such a little weirdo!

Linkity has never been menaced by wild turkeys

Please enjoy this photo of my next door neighbor being menaced by a wild turkey tom as four wild turkey hens look on.

The cuteness – it burns!!!

Harry taking a selfie?!

Linkity zippity zoom

Handsome Harry is handsome, is he not?!

Polly is not always so clear on what being a cat actually is…

Polly sitting on my back…

Harry and Mayhem asleep on the cat tree.