Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 45th (The Return of Wind-in-Hair Guy)

Congrats to Jenre, who won her choice from LA WittÒ€ℒs backlist!

Congrats to cturtlechick, who won Why Jay Ran Away (Contact, Book 3) by Jade Archer! Why Jay Ran Away is being released by Total-E-Bound today.

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! I’m sure we all remember Wind-in-Hair Guy, right? If not, feel free to catch up on his previous misadventure. We’ll wait. πŸ™‚ All caught up? Onward! (Some of these titles are oddly complex, but if you hover your mouse pointer over the covers, you should be able to tell which bit of the titles I used.)

Because of

when she heard the


of exceptional power), she became the

on the

. Unfortunately, due to the

,WiHG couldn’t just abandon her in the

and leave her to become

. Instead, he called a

and asked, “Please, can you

? Miranda’s possessed, and I’m afraid that if I fall asleep, she’ll

!” The demon hunter, from

, Inc., arrived in a flash and allowed Miranda to find

at last. *ahem*

“I can’t help but notice there’s another naughty boy today, Mom. Haven’t we talked about this before? I am so disappointed in you.” – Mayhem

38 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 45th (The Return of Wind-in-Hair Guy)”

  1. Really? WiHG ranks amongst the cheesiest!! LOL, I don’t know how you put those together, but I’m glad you do for my Monday morning giggle!

    Yeah May, should you be there?
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  2. Lmbo, that was really good!! Great way to kick off my Monday, going on friday soon….. Ugh. But I love the kittie shot ~ beautifully done! Hope you had a great weekend and the start of a great Monday!

  3. Oh dear dog, I just spewed tea across my computer. Chris, if only you’d listen to May. Clearly you’d rather cause damage to your readers computers, noses and guts (as we laugh so hard we can’t stop)! Oh dear dog.
    A recent post from margene..Today is the DayMy Profile

  4. LOL–zomg… Poor Miranda… she just had to hang in there through all those titles!

    And May, stop glaring like that. You’re making mommy paranoid!

  5. OMFG. I’m overwhelmed here :):):). You are brilliant at finding these covers – I’ve only seen two of those LOL.

    But I’m happy. My guy is still THE guy for me :).

  6. I’m with Tam — “Cum to Me”? Most appalling title ever. πŸ™‚ And I have to agree with Marsha. This guy has the weirdest petulant expression. Love the photo of May! Cats just love to wedge themselves into the most unexpected little spots.
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  7. I think he’s supposed to come across as being all brooding, but actually looks like he’s going to stamp his foot and break out into a major pouting tantrum :).

  8. WiHG has performance issues then? He couldnt help poor Miranda find release?

    And..Cum to Me? TO me? to me? How does that work exactly?

    He looks like a caveman to me for some reason. Its weird to see him in jeans.

  9. Devon: Actually, the combination of yours and Mia’s covers and the release of Claire’s Branded inspired this post!

  10. Did they just chop him off at the waist on the Voyage into Twilight cover? That’s kinda disturbing – his arms hanging down past his waist…where he’s been chopped. Kinda reminds me of Kenneth B in the movie Wild Wild West.

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