Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 25th (Wind-in-Hair Guy)

Congrats to Ava March, who won the copy of Lights and Sirens by Stephani Hecht, which was released today!

Many thanks to author Clare London, who found at least a third of these covers! (If you keep an eye on the authors on these covers, you’ll figure out why she was so interested…)

Meet Wind-in-Hair Guy (WiHG), who was a victim of

, which left him with a bad case of

. Hearing rumors of a cure, Wind-in-Hair Guy tried

to see if her fabled

could save him. Instead, it consumed him with

, so he fled to the

, where he was forced to participate in numerous


in an attempt to quell his

. Then

, believing that

, there’s fire, tracked down Wind-in-Hair Guy and

him to make him


*blink blink* Yeah, I’m always surprised where these little stories end up, too.

“Yes, Mom, I see the black kitty. And I see the brown kitty. Why aren’t the kitties the focal point here?!? Hmph. Everyone like kitties better than they like naughty boys.” -Mayhem