Linkity planted a cat tree

Reading Update
Magical Midlife Madness, Magical Midlife Dating, Magical Midlife Infasion, Magical Midlife Love, and Magical Midlife Meeting (Leveling Up 1-5) by KF Breene. Ok series about a newly divorced woman who becomes a caretaker of a creepy old house and falls into a world she had no idea existed.
Oath Sworn, Family & Honor, Broken Loyalty, Echoed Defiance, and Shades of Hate (Jacky Leon 1-5) by KN Banet. Ok series about a werecat who wants to be left alone to run her bar, but the rest of the world just won’t comply.

The harvest will be bountiful and furry.


Judging the “kittens” very hard here.

I was trying to nap after taking my migraine medication and Harry decided to “help” by vigorously grooming my head as Polly looked on.

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