Linkity feels like a stranger (aka it’s been too long)

Hi all! HOW ARE YOU?! My feet are healing well and I can wear (very wide) normal shoes instead of surgical shoes. Wild times here!

Reading Update

Tall Harry is tall (and a chunk)! Intent Polly is intent!

Polly trying to maim the kitty brush (and bite her tongue?!) as Harry looks on.

Peekaboo Harry!

Polly is pretty!

4 thoughts on “Linkity feels like a stranger (aka it’s been too long)”

  1. So glad to hear your feet are healing well. I can’t believe you did both at once! (But then I guess you don’t risk having one done and then not wanting to go through it again for the other.)

    The truck driver map looks very accurate.

    Extra thumb… mind blown.

  2. I love the theory about Frodo and Gollum and the Ring at the end of the quest. That makes so much sense. I also love the theory of Ringwraiths on a dial-up modem. 😉

    I love the discussion about where the best LFLs are. I still haven’t gone on a LFL walk, so my next stop this morning is to check out the LFL map and see if there are enough near me to make a BINGO adventure of it.

    I LOVE the superhero story.
    Those are indeed cute sheep.
    And I love that the Audubon Society has embraced birbs.
    Hi to the cute kittens!
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  3. I seem to have missed any cat updates. Are Harry and Polly your current cats? What happened to Chaos and Mayhem? Do I need to send a “sorry for your loss” card?

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