Linkity returns from surprise “vacation”

It wasn’t a vacation – I had a surprise recurrence of the bursitis in my right hip after seven years and wasn’t very coherent until the steroid shot started to work. D’oh! Back today for a shot to help deal with the bursitis in my left hip, which I hadn’t had before. Apparently not terribly uncommon – my gait changed to accommodate my bunions over decades and then abruptly changed back again after surgery. My hips were not ok with that, lol! But physical therapy will help them adjust…

Oh! And I have now been with my employer (under the usual array of names that’s typical of telecom) for 25 years. 😮

Reading Update
Many, many things from Kindle Unlimited. Moving right along…

Harry and Polly keeping an eye on Mayhem.

Polly and Harry looking out the window. (Definitely working on their weight – such a challenge with Mayhem, who’s mostly fur at this point…)

A (chonky) boy and his sparkle ball.

5 thoughts on “Linkity returns from surprise “vacation””

  1. That cat ball link is great! Reminds me of a cat one of my knitting buddies had whose favorite place to sit was a decorative bowl on the dining table. (I think it had been originally intended for fruit or something. It became the cat’s bowl.)

    The tragic 8-ball is a bit frightening. And so is the fantasy world Observation Station (but in a good way).

    Hi to the kitties!
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  2. Wow! Congrats Chris on 25 years! My longest stint in a 37 year career so far has been 5. LOL! However, I’m hoping to finish out where I am – which would make probably close to 10 years by the time I retire 😉

    Glad you are feeling better and your kitties are soooooo cute!!

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