The cat ate my super awesome linkity title. Really.

 Congrats to Trix, who won the Written in Flesh anthology, donated by Alex Whitehall (one of the authors in the anthology)!

Congrats to Juli, who won A Slice of Love (Love #4) by Andrew GreyA Slice of Love is being released today by Dreamspinner Press.

Congrats to SusieQ, who won That’s Entertainment! by Clare LondonThat’s Entertainment! will be released on November 11 by JMS Books.


GRL Updates


  • Has gift potential, although I’d love to replace my beloved “Read Until You Sweat” t-shirt…

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Reading Update
A lot of hockey fics. 🙂
Diversion by Eden Winters. reread. Really good m/m romantic suspense about prescription drug smuggling. I beta read this, and I never feel quite right trying to review a book when I’ve done that! And yes, there’s a very good reason this interrupted my hockey immersion. Nope. Not telling. 🙂

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