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Congrats to jayhjay, who won Broken Memories (In the Shadow of the Wolf #2) by RJ Scott & Diane Adams! Broken Memories will be released by Silver Publishing on November 26.

Congrats to Brandi R, who won More Than Enough (More #2) by Shawn Lane! More Than Enough will be released by Amber Allure on November 27.



  • Alas, Anne McCaffrey died this week. My very first hardcover purchase was her book The White Dragon, which I still have. It cost… $8.95 and appears to be valued a bit above that now.


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Reading Update
Cop Out by KC Burn. ebook. Very good m/m romance about a straight cop who, after his partner on the force is killed in the line of duty, discovers that his partner was gay and had been in a long-term relationship. As he helps his dead partner’s boyfriend, he finds himself reevaluating his own sexuality…
Private Dicks by Katie Allen. ebook. reread. Well, um, it’s the second time I’ve reread this book this year and the fourth time I’ve read it in the past two years. Do I need to say more? πŸ™‚
Hide Out (Private Dicks #2) by Katie Allen. ebook. reread. Third time I’ve reread this one, second time I’ve reread it this year. πŸ™‚
The Second Door by TC Blue. ebook. Good holiday m/m romance about a guy who has a crush on his best friend and downstairs neighbor. He doesn’t want to chance their friendship, so he has to watch as his friend makes bad dating choices over and over…
Make a Right by Willa Okati. ebook. I’m pretty sure I cried for 2/3 of this book. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a crying hangover in the morning, too. The struggling couple in this m/m romance just got to me, over and over… and I can’t even tell you that it was anything other than a decent, angsty read, because I can’t step back far enough from the emotional impact it had on me. Your mileage will definitely vary. πŸ™‚
It’s Not Shakespeare by Amy Lane. ebook. Sweet m/m romance about a community college professor who becomes involved with a younger mechanic introduced to him by one of his students.
This Rough Magic (A Shot in the Dark #1) by Josh Lanyon. ebook. Good m/m mystery set in the 1930s about a young man who fears that his sister’s thuggish boyfriend has stolen a valuable Shakespeare folio, so he hires a private investigator to find the folio. Sadly, this read too much like every other Josh Lanyon mystery.
The Closer You Get (The Distance Between Us #2) by LA Witt. ebook. Good m/m romance about an unrepentantly slutty bartender who befriends a virginal college student and helps him get rid of that pesky virginity, then panics when he realizes he’s developed feelings for his friend. I struggled a bit with this one because I had been frustrated by the previous book, The Distance Between Us.
The Name of the Game (Game #1) by Willa Okati. ebook. reread. Good m/m romance about a gay DJ who has a crush on his straight cop roommate. In an attempt to get rid of his psycho girlfriend, the cop decides to pretend to be gay and the DJ’s boyfriend and things get a bit complicated…
Starch Contrast (A Choose Your Own M/M Romance Story) by Deanna Wadsworth. free ebook short. Cute short story about a shy m/m romance author who goes to a gay romance conference in Idaho. (Sorry, you’re just going to have to read it to find out why there’s a potato on the cover…)
Altered Heart by Kate Steele. ebook. reread. Pretty good paranormal m/m romance about a werewolf enforcer who kills a psychotic alpha werewolf and rescues the young man/werewolf being kept as a pet by said psychotic alpha werewolf. It felt like the author was setting things up for a second book, but it doesn’t appear to exist.
Imperfect by Cassidy Ryan. ebook. Ok m/m romance about two cops who are partners at work and bed partners off duty. But one is prickly and erratic and just might explode… This had a lot of potential; however, the book wasn’t long enough for that potential to be realized, so it ended up feeling abrupt and not exactly believable.

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