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I *heart* art journaling… but you probably figured that out already. :)

Welcome back to Art Journaling Monday! 🙂

Not art journaling, but I absolutely love Cloud Cult’s new song “No Hell”.

“Where the hell is Mom?!?” -Chaos

(Photo taken by the catsitter last month when I was in Cleveland.)

Just Another Art Journaling Monday

Welcome back to Art Journaling Monday! I actually went to a two-day art journaling workshop over the weekend, but I haven’t taken any pictures yet, so… Onward. 🙂

And a bonus picture of some very judgmental Halloween decorations at Target.

“Wha…?!” -Chaos

Seriously, how stoned does he look in that picture?!

Art Journaling Monday (now with bonus flamingo-themed Little Free Library)

Welcome back to Art Journaling Monday! 🙂

Plus some photos from my walk around Lake of the Isles yesterday – it was 85F and gloriously sunny. (The high today is supposed to be at least 20F cooler.)

The flamingo house has added a flamingo-themed Little Free Library and flamingo chair.

Chess, anyone?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust this trash bin. At all.

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos (completely not dead, not matter how this picture looks)

Art Journaling Monday

Congrats to Zunni, who won Nothing Serious by Jessica Jarman!

Welcome back to Art Journaling Monday! 🙂

And don’t forget to register for Art as Journal at ArtiCulture if you’re in the Twin Cities!

“I can’t believe you didn’t think I would fit in this shoebox, Mom.” -Mayhem

Art Journaling Monday :)

Since the results of the informal poll indicated that cat pictures were the most important thing, with some interest in art journaling updates, welcome to Art Journaling Monday!

“You can look, but you can’t touch!!” -Mayhem to catsitter

Monday, Monday, Monday – why is there always a Monday?

I have to admit, I’m finding it increasingly challenging to get motivated to put together Misadventures posts. (I’m going to guess this isn’t a surprise to most of you, based on how few Misadventures posts I’ve made in the last few months.) Thoughts on the lack of Misadventures, anyone?

But hey, how about some recent art journal pages instead? 🙂

And a cute bonus picture of some black kitties!

Also, this week, I’m featuring Chaos and Mayhem photos that the catsitter took last week while I was in Cleveland. 🙂

“I am deeply suspicious of your intentions, person who is NOT MOM.” -Chaos

The Codex Leicester instead of the Misadventures

Once again got busy doing stuff today and ran out of time for the Misadventures. Whoops. 🙂 (And also once again forgot to schedule the post before publishing. D’oh!)

So, instead I’ll show you the pages from one of my art journals about seeing Leonardo da Vinci, The Codex Leicester, and the Creative Mind at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on August 14. Collaged my ephemera from the event, the article in my neighborhood newspaper (without which I would never have heard about the exhibit), and some relevant images from an old encyclopedia and an old dictionary. I wrote a bit about seeing the exhibit with the tiny amount of space I had left, then used a gold colored pencil throughout to unify everything.

If you are anywhere near Minneapolis, I highly recommend that you visit this exhibit before it closes on August 30!

Click to embiggen any of the photos.

*still enthralled* *doesn’t believe it’s just a branch* -Chaos

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Reading Update
Living Out Loud: Activities to Fuel a Creative Life by Keri Smith. Ok short activity book about how to bring more creativity into your life, which apparently involves a lot of stickers and vaguely New Agey sentiments. I did like the directions (page 61) for how to make a wee book from a single sheet of paper.
Collage, Paint, Draw: Explore Mixed Media Techniques and Materials by Sue Pelletier. Ok collage how-to book that’s not particularly relevant to collage for art journaling, as it focuses on creating works that are not flat. (I don’t see myself using plaster-of-paris or 18-gauge wire in my art journal.) Plus I found the artist’s style repetitive – mostly dresses, Mary Janes, and birds.

*continuing to be enthralled* -Chaos

(Spoiler: It’s a branch. Not a bird. Not a squirrel. A branch.)