The Codex Leicester instead of the Misadventures

Once again got busy doing stuff today and ran out of time for the Misadventures. Whoops. 🙂 (And also once again forgot to schedule the post before publishing. D’oh!)

So, instead I’ll show you the pages from one of my art journals about seeing Leonardo da Vinci, The Codex Leicester, and the Creative Mind at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on August 14. Collaged my ephemera from the event, the article in my neighborhood newspaper (without which I would never have heard about the exhibit), and some relevant images from an old encyclopedia and an old dictionary. I wrote a bit about seeing the exhibit with the tiny amount of space I had left, then used a gold colored pencil throughout to unify everything.

If you are anywhere near Minneapolis, I highly recommend that you visit this exhibit before it closes on August 30!

Click to embiggen any of the photos.

*still enthralled* *doesn’t believe it’s just a branch* -Chaos

7 thoughts on “The Codex Leicester instead of the Misadventures”

  1. Some years ago, as part of the Queen’s 80th birthday celebrations she allowed some of her collection of Leonardo da Vinci drawings to be viewed at 4 art galleries around the UK. I went to see them at Aberdeen Art Gallery, about 80 miles away. I found the exhibition quite magical. Part of the magic was feeling the connection with someone who lived 500 years ago, and whose works I’d known of for most of my life. I can’t imagine he ever thought that people half a millennia ahead would still view and love his work. I was as enthralled as Chaos. 🙂

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