Deeply Thoughtful

Ah, what truer sign of spring than the return of the flamingos?

But wait – what is that through the trees? Could it be… a new sculpture?

I think so!

Hmm. I have no idea what the actual name of this sculpture is, but I’ll dub it “Thoughtful.”

“You call that thoughtful? Check this out. Now me, I’m thoughtful. Chock full of thoughts.” -Chaos

26 thoughts on “Deeply Thoughtful”

  1. I like it! I can just imagine what the d!ckhe@d next door will say if I had one and started dressing it up 😉 She didn’t appreciate us having a scarecrow, still up in December!!

  2. I was thinking ‘contemplation’ or ‘waiting for summer’ hehehe.

    I normally do not care for sculptures, but this one I like.

    Of course I also like the kitty ‘sculpture’.

    Cheers Eva

  3. Can you really be called thoughtful crouching in the space above the refrigerator? Or should we really call you “Hiding from Mayhem”? ;o)

  4. Chaos- How did she penetrate your secret lair with that camera-thing?

    ABORT THE MISSION! We don’t know what those two-leggers found out!

    – Cricket

  5. Is that the flamingo house on M’haha Pkwy? or has someone else joined The Flamingo League? Love the sculptures, both of them.

  6. Chris- Forgive me for this, but since it seems to be a male figure, someone should slide a toilet under it and stick a magazine in it’s hand.

    Then call it “Guy on the crapper”.

  7. I like the new sculpture.
    It’s hysterical that the same house would have those sculptures AND the pink flamingos. Maybe they should get some of those pink tomato cages, too.

  8. You come up with a nice & respectable name for the sculpture and then these naughty commenters go and foul it up.

    I thought “The Squatter” when I saw it 😀

  9. Yard flamingos!

    The Squatter…er, Thoughtful, reminded me of The Thinker coming to life in the new Night at the Museum movie. Apparently, he’s not so bright as we would have imagined…

    Chaos, however, definitely chock full of the thoughts, oh yes. Anyone can see that.

  10. I like the sculpture. It’s meditative. I wish I could be it.

    Signs of spring in my neighborhood: everyone’s lawn is already shaved bald, whereas mine shows the signs of the argument I had with the lawnmower already (as in, there are strips of mowed grass amidst an ever-lengthening sea of grass and dandelions).

    Sigh. My neighbors must adore me. I’m gas-mowing this sucker one last time, then I’m buying a goat. Or a reel mower. Whichever is less expensive.

  11. Chaos thinking: “Has she come into the kitchen to give me dinner? Will it be tuna? Why is she only getting herself a glass of water? Is she going to feed me now? Will it be tuna? Why is she pointing that infernal flashing thing at me again? Is she going to feed me now? Will it be tuna?

  12. I never noticed they took the flamingos away in winter. But I love that sculpture of that guy. It’s just perfect that it’s right on the lake, so it connects to the mood of the people who see it, in a way, because they’re likely enjoying the lake, too.

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