7 thoughts on “Art journaling falalalalala!”

  1. To paraphrase John Donne

    … never send to know whom the feline judges …

    Thanks for sharing these with us every week.

    I too see the cute little non-feline in the scribble.

    The one about a framed page started me thinking. If a beautiful yarn is intimidating to knit with, is it more so because of a label that says cashmere or Noro or $27.50? Then, just two links down, paraphrasing again, “Our yarn is what our thoughts make it.”

    The slightly less colorful link does not work.

  2. Chaos and May have nothing to judge about your art, except to deem it beautiful! I loved the lyrics page, the colors turned out wonderful.

  3. From 900 years ago Marcus Aurelius’ words seem so modern. Every time I come across his words I think I must read The Meditations, but I still haven’t. *hangs head*

    Ooh! Those judgy kits are fierce!

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