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In which there isn’t any linkity, with an update on Mayhem’s rough week (she’s ok!!!)

Mayhem and I spent a good chunk of Sunday afternoon at the emergency vet because, while she’d been fine when I went to bed Saturday night, she was not fine when I got up Sunday morning. She was huddled in a corner of the bathroom, had no interest in eating, and seemed to have some pain around one of her back legs.

“Woe is me.” -Mayhem

Turns out, after x-rays, she has osteoarthritis in her lumbar spine area (her back near the base of her tail) and in her hips. D’oh! (She turns 12 on May 31st.) Don’t know if it had been getting progressively worse and she just hit the wall, or if she managed to aggravate it overnight. She got some subcutaneous fluids at the emergency vet and I gave her painkillers twice a day for a couple days. I didn’t need to confine her, because she set herself up in the dining room, under the dining room table and chairs, and mostly hung out there for a few days. I moved a kitty bed, water, and a litter box over there for her. She stayed pretty quiet Monday and Tuesday, but seemed much more herself Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, it seems like she can’t really jump onto stuff very well, so I suspect I’ll be figuring out ways to facilitate her getting to her favorite spots.

So! It’s been quite a week, what with the emergency vet and then the followup with our regular vet. I’m enjoying a couple of days off and decided that would include a little linkity vacation. 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone! Thanks for visiting us here. 🙂

No linkity, but hey – this time there’s at least a cute cat picture…

Continuing the saga from Monday… I got home around 5:30 am Monday (went into the office at 2 pm Sunday) (shhhh… the cats totally ended up missing their Sunday dinner). After 5 hours of sleep, I was logged back in to work (but from my chaise lounge in my living room at least). Worked until 2 am Tuesday, then slept for 6 hours. You get the picture. If it hadn’t been Thanksgiving yesterday, I wouldn’t have had any idea what day it was… Not sure if there’s an end in sight quite yet – I have days and days of stuff left to do…

*aggressively cuddling, haunted by that missed meal* -Chaos

Better luck next week, linkity!

I was in Boulder, Colorado, Monday – Wednesday for work and then work ate my linkity time, too. D’oh.

Here’s the only picture I took in Boulder:

Meanwhile, the catsitter was taking some very mysterious pictures – I am not completely sure which cat this is! :O


Have a safe holiday weekend to everyone in the US! (And Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors!)

No Misadventure, but here’s a cute Mayhem picture instead

No Misadventure today for reasons, but there is another exceptionally cute picture of Mayhem! Also, no post of any sort next Monday, as it’s a holiday in the US. Might not even by Linkity this Friday, if I decide to stretch my holiday weekend a bit. Remember, you can always poke around in the Archives for things you missed if you desperately need a fix. 🙂

“If you go poking around in the Archives for naughty boys, I will know and I will judge you.” -Mayhem

In which I did my taxes instead of a Misadventure, so have some cute Mayhem on knitted socks pictures instead

Congrats to Dianna, who won Chyna Doll (Horizons #4) by Mickie B Ashling! Chyna Doll is being released today by Dreamspinner Press.

Random bonus picture from my weekend. I call it “Pinata Aftermath” – only five minutes earlier, this monkey had a body:

I’m still puzzled why a yarn designer looked at this colorway (blue/green/brown/black) and decided it needed hints of pink (not visible in the photo), plus sparkles. Yes, all of the little light-colored flecks are sparkles. Link to Ravelry project page.

“My goodness! MORE socks?! What is going on around here?!” -Mayhem

“Mmmmm… sparkly socks…” -Mayhem