In which Harry and Polly turn 2

Mayhem helping my newly washed sheets regain some of the lost fur…

Happy 2nd birthday to Harry and Polly!

4 thoughts on “In which Harry and Polly turn 2”

  1. Happy birthday to the kittens! (2 is still kittens and not yet cats, right?)

    I have seen that magnetic holding goose before (or one very like it) and it is AWESOME. I want one. Sadly I have not yet been able to justify buying one for myself, or been successful in convincing a family member to buy one for me.

    That “Disney cottage” *is* cute (except the fireplace) but I think that front window being at a weird angle would never not feel WRONG to me. The dragon BBQ is much better than the gloopy fireplace. I would want to turn it into a pizza oven.

    They are DEFINITELY asking too much for that Portland house. That opulent NJ mansion, though, is worth the (still extremely high) price tag. And how on Earth was that over-the-top place only $1.6 million? I’ve been home shopping and I know what CA home prices are. That’s WAY too low.

    The Thatch House looks lot more hobbity than the one from the other day, though I wouldn’t want a stone spiral staircase.

    Okay, I was *not* expecting that final surprise to be an amusement park. O.o The dome home is kinda cute, but ugh. Again with the spiral staircase. (But I suppose spiral staircases are better than fridge staircases.)

    And to close… both of those basements are a big NOPE from me. “Some type of oven” indeed. *shudder*
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  2. Happy Birthday Harry and Polly!

    Magnetic goose is quite entertaining. It should be carrying a tiny metal watering can next to the plant.

    Cheddar man and descendant – quite cool!

  3. Happy Birthday P&H! If you use this formula from Purina: How many cat years are in a human year? The first year of your cat’s life is considered the equivalent of 15 human years. The second year adds nine more human years to the total, which means 2 cat years are approximately 24 human years. – it means they’ve graduated from juvenile delinquents to Post-Gen Z “Still living at my Mom’s house” Slackers. You must be very proud!

    Sometimes I look at these homes and think Hildy from Trading Spaces must have designed them. Then I see something so beautiful, like “The Inglenook,” and I tremble thinking about what she would do to it.

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