No linkity this week because sad

Thanks so much to everyone who’s offered comfort and let me know about the impression Chaos left on them. (If you missed my previous post…) Mayhem and I are both definitely feeling his absence – he was present for all but the first three months of her life, and he was present for nearly a third of mine. That’s his gloriously green eye at the top of this page (and it’s staying there, even though it just made me cry). (You can go back and read his origin story here.)

I’m pretty sure my usual posting schedule will resume soonishly, because there’s a certain comfort in routine.

Take care. Go hug your pets and family members.


4 thoughts on “No linkity this week because sad”

  1. It is so hard to let them go. It’s also very weird trying to share your grief with others. If they aren’t pet people, they really don’t get the true grief that comes from losing a pet companion.

  2. So, so sorry to hear about Chaos. Shed a tear for him. Will miss him greatly. He gavge me comfort when I was grieving for my Suki who was stolen.

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