How about some cat pictures instead of any actual linkity?

I was super productive today, but linkity was not one of the things I produced. :shrugging: Please enjoy some cat pictures. 😀

And I know I don’t say it enough, but thank you to everyone who’s still around reading and/or commenting! You guys are the best.

*thlurrrrp* -Mayhem

Sibling smackdown!

Polly upsidedown cake!

Polly caught pre-thlurrrrp, managing to look as if there’s not a brain cell in her fuzzy little head.

8 thoughts on “How about some cat pictures instead of any actual linkity?”

  1. Congratulations on productive! and always enjoy cat pictures – but don’t tell my 3 that I’m looking…

  2. Hello *waves* Yes I am alive ???? YAH for a productive day. And I ?? kitty pics. OMG could May and Polly look any more glossy?

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