Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 34th (The Return of the Return of the Return of SOBJG)

Congrats to Kaetrin, who won Priority One by Stephani Hecht! (Priority One was released on August 1 by eXtasy Books.)

Congrats to Jessica, who won Fugly by K. Z. Snow! (Fugly was released today by Liquid Silver.)

Congrats to Laura Reece, who won Loving Edits by Mickie B. Ashling!

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today we’re revisiting our old friend, Slouching Open Black Jacket Guy (SOBJG).

It was only

before SOBJG, tired of being

to the

, would follow the urges of his

and begin the

pattern of

that would lead him away from his

and into the arms of

for many long, sultry

. The end. For now. 🙂

Is anyone keeping track of which of these Misadventures posts contains the most preposterous run-on sentence?!

“Hmph. More naughty boys. I think I need a refund on my hypnosis class!” -Mayhem

32 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 34th (The Return of the Return of the Return of SOBJG)”

  1. Congrats Kaetrin!

    SOBKG….oh how I love your name!

    May – I hate to say this, but I don’t think you’re ever going to escape the naughty boys. They’re everywhere…well, except for around me 🙂
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  2. He may have to be SOBJG AKA SWTANG (Slouching with towel around neck guy) ;). He’s capable of so much more than the open black jacket;)

  3. Ava: Um… he’s a cover model. It’s definitely an HFN. 🙂

    orannia: Sent you the link to Mary’s blog – you should ask her!

    Melanie: Are you baiting me?! Trying to challenge me to new lows of acronymism?! 😉

    Seanna: I want to do the same thing!

  4. Okay. SOBJG looks like someone from television. A guy who used to be on Third Watch. It’s not him, but I’ll never be able to look at SOBJG without thinking of the guy on Third Watch.

  5. Re SOBJG’s abs… I think you guys have hit on how Chris effortlessly recognizes him out of the sea of abs on covers… 😉

    And thanks for the reminder to sit up straight. 😀

  6. SOBJG–I gotta say, that of all the misadventures I’ve read thus far, this one has me most inclined to jump in and make him my own HEA. (Or, at least lick his salty beach bum for a minute or two…)

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