Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 33rd (Pumkin Ravioli Boy)

Congrats to KC (SmokinHotBooks), who won Making Promises (sequel to Keeping Promise Rock) by Amy Lane! Making Promises is being released today (July 26) by Dreamspinner Press.

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today you’ll meet Pumkin Ravioli  Boy; after I saw that typoed book title, I was completely unable to think of a different name for him. O.o



by his old flame, a

. Pumkin Ravioli Boy and the

, both

at heart, were completely unprepared to deal with the bad case of

poisoning that they picked up during the rescue.

O noes! What will happen next?!?

P.S. I’m serious. Tell me. Your comments make the Misadventures ever so much fun for me and hopefully for the other readers! Thank you!

“Look deep into my eyes,. You are growing sleepy. Your eyes are growing heavy. You will not look at any more pictures of naughty boys!” -Mayhem

31 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 33rd (Pumkin Ravioli Boy)”

  1. Suddenly Pumpkin Ravioli Boy realises that the only way to save himself and The Ghost of his Past is to confront his problems and look at things from the other side. With the last of his strength, he turns the other cheek in a Zoolander-style move! The Ink in their Blood from Eden Hill magically dissipates, leaving he and The Roman Rebel to move on in their lives together and open up their dream chiropractor business complete with ‘happy ending’ massages.
    A recent post from Kris..the worst thing about pronMy Profile

  2. Wow. Kris is on a roll today.

    I was thinking in your blood leads to “death” and the misfortune to never grace another cover, and never to be seen on your blog again. Oh the tragedy.

    Either that or he’ll end up in a menage with some blonde slut who covers her boobs with a strategically placed arm.
    A recent post from Tam..Caged – A Free StoryMy Profile

  3. Pumkin Ravioli Boy and his rebel travel to the Castle in the Sky, where they fight a viscious alphabet giant. Having acquired a bright orange P, they change Pumkin Ravioli Boy’s name to Pumpkin and the ink in the blood disease mysteriously vanishes.
    A recent post from Seanna Lea..almost too hot to knitMy Profile

  4. Pumkin Boy and his Roman Rebel got rid of the Red Haired B*tch that caused his illness and after sucking out “the poison”, many many times, both men were feeling great and looking forward to their HEA future. Ain’t love grand?
    A recent post from Lily..A few minisMy Profile

  5. Oh my…. Pumpkin boy to the rescue!! He dones his orange cape… Slaps on his spandex tights…. And puts his mask on to hide the identity of himself…. (what, everyone would want a piece of him, roflmao)…. To rescue the damsel in distress… Sorry I could not resist!

    Hope you had a great weekend honey!!!

  6. I think the reason this guy looks so glum is that he’s sick to death of being called Pumkin Ravioli Boy. I mean, come on…how demeaning (and yucky, and misspelled) is that? It’s worse than “Snot Nose.”
    A recent post from K. Z. Snow..I can haz book to read!My Profile

  7. Say what you will, I cannot find it in my heart to be critical of Pumkin Boy. I, too, have slept wrong on a new pillow or jerked my head around to stare at an attractive man and suffered from the dreaded ‘head is stuck in this position’ situation. Luckily, I keep a chiropractor on speed dial for just this type of emergency.

    Wait, is it just a poorly done fake tan or does he have a certain orange tinted countenance on a couple of those covers? I guess that’s only to be expected. Poor Pumkin.

  8. …The ink in the blood poisoning wouldn’t be so bad if it hadn’t done that thing to his neck. He’d give anything to look straight ahead again. Then, true to his name, he started eating pumkin ravioli. The pumkin soaked up the ink and all was right with the world. πŸ˜‰

    But seriously, when I see that book title, I think of childrens books.
    A recent post from Sydney..Why yes- I do knitMy Profile

  9. Pumkin Ravioli Boy prevails and goes on to rescue the Ghost of His Past, who isn’t a ghost at all – in fact, he never died! He’s been alive all along, working at Casino Rama as an Elvis impersonator. PRB and TGOHP move in together, make blueberry pancakes every morning and live life to its fullest each day.

    (I will never look at pumpkin ravioli the same way again.)

  10. ROFL! And now you’ve given him this mistypoed nickname to live with eternaly. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing he’s poisoned with the ink, he can use the ink in his blood to write the p back into his name πŸ˜‰

  11. I want to know why half the books even bother to use that picture when they cover up the best part?

  12. ‘kay– I just keep thinking that it’s got to be some sort of dirty euphemism… like, you know, “I’ll go pump’in in the ravioli!” but omg– IT’S STILL MISSPELLED!

  13. I’m laughing at EH’s comment!

    May doesn’t need meds – she is trying to save us all from Pumpkin Ravioli Boy (OMG) LOL…

    And then PRB and his mate found they were growing stronger from the Ink In the Blood Poisoning, until they ultimately became pumpkin colored superheroes and set out to save the world….

    The End.. πŸ˜›
    A recent post from Lea..The Eternal Ones- by Kirsten Miller – ARC ReviewMy Profile

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