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Congrats to Kaetrin, who won Priority One by Stephani Hecht! Priority One will be released on August 1 by eXtasy Books.

So, last Saturday evening CJ (aka urban fantasy author Carolyn Crane) and I sat down in my living room with some gluten-free beers, our laptops, and Google Docs to polish up a (hopefully) humorous post with a paranormal romance theme. Thanks to CJ’s tireless efforts, our post has been published at Tor.com. Stop by and check it out if you get a chance!




  • Confused about all the different varieties of epub? This primer might help.
  • If you’d like to digitize your print books and aren’t in a hurry to do so, here’s a setup you can put together yourself.

Learn, Make, Think, Do

  • Snickerdoodle cake! I don’t see why this wouldn’t work with a gluten-free cake mix…

Linkity Peeps



  • This is why the toilet paper at my condo is in the vanity and not easily accessible to people… or Chaos.
  • A little Frogger humor – make sure you hover your mouse pointer over the comic to get additional text!

Teh Cute

Reading Update
Bound and Determined by Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow. ebook. Excellent kinky m/m romance about a college senior who realizes he’s submissive, which is simultaneously difficult for him to accept and something he craves.
Blinded by Our Eyes by Clare London. ebook. Very good m/m mystery about a gallery owner who discovers an artist murdered in his gallery and slowly begins to realize that nothing he’d believed about the people in his life is as he thought it was.
Fair Game by Josh Lanyon. ebook. Very good m/m mystery about an FBI agent turned professor after being injured in the line of duty who’s asked to look into the disappearance of a student on campus. (I received this book via NetGalley. Fair Game will be released on August 2 by Carina Press.)
A Game of Chances (Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club, Book 1) by T.C. Blue. ebook. Very good m/m romantic suspense with lots of little twists and turns. The Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club is a private grey ops organization. And I don’t want to tell you anything else because being surprised by the twists and turns was a big part of what I liked! I’m definitely looking forward to the next book.
Safe in His Arms (Wicked Hearts, Book 2) by Claire Thompson. ebook. Very good kinky m/m romance about the seemingly irredeemable cruel and controlling “best friend” from the previous book, who’s slowly spiraling toward rock bottom. If you’d told me after I finished reading Wicked Hearts that Claire Thompson could make me care about and like this guy, I would not have believed you.
Ports of Call by Sean Kennedy. ebook short. Good short m/m romance about a couple on vacation at the beach, trying to get past one of them having been mugged.
Two Steps Up by Sean Kennedy. ebook short. Cute short m/m about a teen standing across the street from where a gay teens support group meeting will be held, trying to work up the nerve to go to the meeting.
Protests and Proposals by Sean Kennedy. ebook short. Another cute short m/m romance about two guys protesting Proposition 8 being repealed.
Blue Skies by Diane Adams. ebook short. Decent short m/m romance about a conservative businessman who’s very attracted to a flaming younger man, but stays away because he thinks being “so gay” brings the wrong sort of attention to the gay community.
Gay Best Friend (G-A-Y, Book 10) by Kim Dare. ebook short. Good kinky short m/m romance about an allegedly straight guy who kisses his gay best friend on a dare from his obnoxious coworkers, then realizes that he might not be as straight as he’d always believed.
A Limited Engagement by Josh Lanyon. ebook short. Good short m/m romance about an actor who gambles everything when he outs his closeted lover to end his lover’s engagement to a woman.
Bargaining by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban. ebook short. Steamy short m/m romance about two friends who finally get together, only to discover they’re both tops. This story will work best for those unconcerned about realism in refractory periods or condom use.
Lilacs by Megan Derr. free ebook short. Ok free short paranormal m/m romance about two guys who hate each other due to a big misunderstanding… and then discover they’re about to become stepbrothers.
News at Eleven by Jack Greene. ebook short. Cute’n’steamy short m/m romance about a tv station manager who’s been admiring the very out star news anchor from a distance.
Cold Steel by Morgan Lee. ebook short. So-so kinky short m/m interlude about an undercover cop who’s “arrested” by his partner at the end of his assignment. This teetered on the edge of purple prose… and I’m pretty sure those handcuffs would’ve messed up the finish on the cop car…

“This is an advanced technique. Don’t try this at home without the assistance of a qualified kitty.” -Mayhem

40 thoughts on “Let linkity leech away your life!”

  1. Oh, I like the sound of your and CJ’s Tor post… *makes note to follow-up on Sunday NZT*

    Tam has written a m/m hamster shifter story? *intrigued*

    Oh, some good books in your readng pile this week Chris 🙂

    May….how….words fail me *grin*
    A recent post from orannia..Throwing In The TowelMy Profile

  2. I’m jealous that Carina lets you have books from NetGalley. Harlequin let me have books but Carina doesn’t like me for some reason.. 🙁

    I feel under so much pressure when I see all the books you do short reviews on each week – I keep thinking – oh, I have to read that one, and that one and then I get distracted (often by something shiny) and then it’s next week and a whole new list and I can’t keep up! Argh.
    A recent post from Kaetrin..Recent Holiday ReadsMy Profile

  3. ok, seriously…a m/m hamster shifter book? I really wonder how hamsters end up in a romance novel.

    And, as always, the Westboro Baptist church takes a giant crap on Christianity. And everything else, as is their M.O. They protested something totally inane here, too. I wish I could have gone to Comicon:(…some of the MST3K guys were probably there.

  4. I have only read Sean’s books out of that batch. I’m falling behind. 🙂

    Your have a bendy kitty. Spine made of pipe cleaners. 🙂

    Oh and I need a brain helmet. That would get some looks.
    A recent post from Tam..Thar She Blows!!!!My Profile

  5. LOL–okay, Chris– I imagine they got the footage of that dog in the same way they got the footage of that bunny cuddling up to that comatose cat! (Excuse me? I need some insulin after that!)

    And Romeo and Julien had me CRACKING UP! (I think it was the two frames of meaningful glances–awesome artistry right there!)

  6. Thanks for the ebooks link; it eventually led me to the Hennepin County library, which is downloading an audiobook to me even as I type. We still own and pay taxes on a house in Hennepin County so this is legal, imho, and my MPL card is apparently still valid. Soon I will move on to ebooks. The WI library system to which I belong doesn’t seem to offer Mac-compatible software, although they use OverDrive just like Hennepin Cty.
    A recent post from kmkat..Bibs and bobsMy Profile

  7. LOVE the iPhone4 Molskein-esque case! Want!

    Hamster shifters. Heh. I think it was Shiloh Walker (or maybe Larissa Ione) that wanted a story about were-gerbils… I wonder if this would count.

    And I love the Medieval help-desk. I’ve seen it before, but it never fails to bring a smile to my face.

    Thanks for the linkity!
    A recent post from Nicole..Friday Snippet 73010My Profile

  8. It makes me quite hapy the libraries have better dvd rentals then Netflix. If only people were actually donating say .50 per “rental.”

    Love the seatbelt commercial, although I must admit it made me cry.

    The cat in the toilet paper, has to be one of the prettiest cat fur patterns I’ve seen, sorry Chaos and May. Although I’m sure May that he’s not as bendy as you.

  9. Wow, you’ve been cranking through the books once again! That box spring piece kind of freaked me out. I’ve been dreaming of a platform bed with built-in drawers. Perhaps it’s just about time to put that plan into action!

    So many cute kitties. 🙂
    A recent post from Jodi..FO- MultnomahMy Profile

  10. Toes are always at risk of being attacked at my house.

    That poor dog!

    Beer in rodent carasses?! I don’t think so. I’ll take mine in a traditional bottle or glass please.

    Stretching is obviously May’s superpower.
    A recent post from Sydney..Why yes- I do knitMy Profile

  11. Thanks for the linkbacks! With which Austen heroine do you most identify? Personally, I’m a big fan of Fanny’s shove-your-face-in-a-cake technique.

    Mayhem looks like a yoga kitty there. Doing the Downward Cat pose, perhaps?

  12. Brilliant post at Tor, Chris and CJ! What I’d like to see is more m/m urban fantasy (but without the leather miniskirts and thigh-high boots — gah). Alas, mysteries and kink now seem to rule the day. *sigh*

    I think you should become May’s manager and develop an animal exercise show. Srsly.
    A recent post from K. Z. Snow..Got lucky again!My Profile

  13. Okay, I’m feeling a little proud that I had already come across a few of your linkty before you posted 🙂

    I’m a bit surprised that the public library is top for DVD rental. Although that is often our go-to for BBC productions, though it often ends in frustration because the DVDs are so abused. We’re thinking part of the culprit on that is their non-symmetrical labels/anti-theft because we fight with nearly every disk.
    A recent post from Kristi aka FiberFool..Warm Mustard-Free Beet SaladMy Profile

  14. Just didn’t want to leave for France without saying thanks for the linkity luv! 🙂 Btw it’s not 5 contests but just one big contest with 5 prizes, actually 6 by now (DreamSpinner Press is sponsoring another prize). I hope it’ll be clearly explained in my post later today. 😉
    I’m gonna miss you, Chris, but I’ll pop in after my vacation to read all the posts I’ve missed!

  15. Great set of links this week – I particularly love the ebooks one – there is so many discussion and good news and bad new around that industry…

    Pity about some of those company going out of business…

    I looks at the covers of those books and none look like I have read them -but checking further I have read a few… Still yet to read the Lanyon book though.Good to know it is a great read…

    I am sure I asked last week if that cat is on drugs.. I am convinced he is on something…


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