The linkity post in which I realize I missed my sixth blogiversary

Congrats to elaing8, who won A Gift of Mistletoe, by Alex Whitehall!

Congrats to Wendy, who won Dreams of a Stolen Child (Stolen Child #3) by Anna Mayle!

D’oh! My sixth blogiversary was November 22. The blog now bears little resemblance to the blog then, other than regular cat photos. 🙂 Of course, it was just Chaos back in those days… Anyway! Thank you all so much for visiting and commenting – you make each day a little brighter for me.




Do, Think, Learn, Make





Cool or Wha…?

  • Hello Kitty toaster. (The comments on that post have other fascinating things, like a bubblewrappish waffle maker.)



Teh Cute

Reading Update
The Gift by Kim Dare. ebook. Sweet kinky m/m holiday romance about a dom who’s visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past and shown how his sub has interpreted their time together…
An Australian Christmas in New York by Sean Kennedy. ebook short. Very good short m/m holiday romance about an ex-pat Australian living in New York City with his American boyfriend and feeling homesick for a properly hot Christmas. Tim Minchin’s “White Wine in the Sun” made an excellent soundtrack for reading this.
Carol of the Bellskis (Bellskis #1) by Astrid Amara. ebook. reread. Very good m/m Hanukkah romance about a paralegal who breaks up with his boyfriend (also his boss) because his closeted boss is backing out of their vacation plans. The paralegal heads off on vacation to his aunt and uncle’s kosher B&B alone… and finds himself taking care of all the guests, with his aunt and uncle nowhere to be found.
Miracle of the Bellskis (Bellskis #2) by Astrid Amara. ebook. Very good m/m Hanukkah/Christmas romance that takes place several years after Carol of the Bellskis, as Seth meets Lars’ somewhat icy parents for the first time… because Lars’ parents are staying with Lars and Seth for the holidays.
Fire Thief by Jordan Castillo Price. ebook short. Very good steamy short m/m story about two guys who strike some sparks together in a bar.
Numbers by Theo Fenraven. ebook short. Very good, very short m/m romance about two guys who are acting together in the musical Grease and dancing around each other offstage.
The Housekeeper (Will Crawford) by Theo Fenraven. ebook short. Good short m/m romance about a housekeeper from Mexico who falls in love with his movie star employer.
Picture This (Will Crawford) by Theo Fenraven. ebook short. Good short m/m story about a discreet photographer who’s hired to take nude photos by a closeted movie star. I wish I had realized that this is a series of sorts, and that The Housekeeper was the most recent one – I read The Housekeeper first and kept wondering if Will was cheating scum as I read this one.
Love at First Sight (Will Crawford) by Theo Fenraven. ebook short. Pretty good short m/m romance about a closeted actor who pursues a bookstore owner who isn’t interested in one night stands. I’m still confused about these “Will Crawford” books. In this one and in Picture This, Will gets involved with a guy and the story ends with the sense that they’re in a relationship, trying to make things work. The Housekeeper begins with Will not involved with anyone and ends after Will makes a commitment to someone and follows through with it. Are the three books to be taken together as Will’s journey to finding love and coming out? Note: The author just posted the order of these yesterday, and I read them exactly backwards. 🙂
Zombie Wonderland by Piper Vaughn. ebook short. Very good short paranormal m/m holiday romance about a waiter who’s rescued from encroaching zombies by the customer he’s been crushing on for weeks. I’m not a fan of gruesome stories, but I am fan of Piper’s writing, so I braved it.
Christmas Baby by Johnny Miles. ebook short. This short story takes place right before Christmas in 1957 and is told from the perspective of a teenager whose parents drive off to a holiday party, never to return. Suddenly, an uncle he’s never met before is the only person he has in the world.
Secret Santa by Clare London. ebook short. Good short holiday m/m romance about two guys who are always fighting, including over the mysterious Secret Santa presents they received.
NYPD Christmas by Eden Cole. ebook short. Meh m/m romance about a guy whose sister sets him up with a cop. Although he ditches the cop after they screw, he can’t get seem to get the guy out of his mind. Near instalove and awkward writing make this one to miss.

“That was a very suspicious noise, big kitty!” -Mayhem

“I agree, May, I agree. Stay alert!” -Chaos

24 thoughts on “The linkity post in which I realize I missed my sixth blogiversary”

  1. A belated happy blogiversary! And I’m back in time to wallow in some linkity *beams*

    I see the Xmas books are out! I do like the sound of An Australian Christmas in New York…every since reading Tigers & Devils I *heart* Sean Kennedy!

    Ohhh, guard kittehs!
    A recent post from orannia..AroundMy Profile

  2. Glad you enjoyed Secret Santa – very topical as I just re-released it this month in the MLR Holiday series, with (hopefully) style improvements :).

    HAPPY BLOG-AVERSARY!!!!!! I shall raise a few drinks to you and Chaos over the weekend. You’re both looking very well on it xx

  3. Very merry (late) bloggiversity!!

    Oh, and those cats, are you sure that’s what they are saying?? It looks a lot like one on the lookout for you whilst the other is about to rearrange your bookshelves (though you may have good cats, who wouldn’t do that, unlike mine!)
    A recent post from Kate..Random mumblings for a ThursdayMy Profile

  4. I remember when May joined the blog! She was such a tiny little thing, so cute. Chaos, Mayhem, I’ll bet that big noise was just Mom dropping something and swearing to beat the band!
    A recent post from margene..An EvaluationMy Profile

  5. Happy belated blogiversary!

    I’m tempted to try the quick amaretto recipe, and those bizarre holiday cards were, well, really something… Every year I’m tempted to send a Festivus card, but Paul has talked me out of it. One of these years!
    A recent post from which I exhibit some wisdomMy Profile

  6. Happy Blogiversary!

    I love some of those protest signs.

    I like the idea of making my own cookie cutters, even though I don’t make cookies that often.

    ROTFL at the Christmas cards!

    Love the video.

    When I take the seat from Katie and when I pet her after she’s just bathed are Katie’s two biggest cat world problems.

    Cute possums!

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