An experiment

Ever since I started to read Laurie’s blog Crazy Aunt Purl, I’ve had this blogesque running mental commentary thing going on throughout my daily existence. So perhaps it’s time to give this blog thing a shot… but since I’ve been trying to catch up on all the backstory at Crazy Aunt Purl, I’m afraid that my posts are going to sound like Laurie. Um, imitation’s the most sincere form of flattery and not just a rip-off???

If you’re here because you know me (and really, why else would you be here? Wherever “here” is, of course.), the blog name will be self-explanatory.

Whew. I think that’s enough blogging excitement for my first attempt.

2 thoughts on “An experiment”

  1. Hi there! I was reading through Crazy Aunt Purl’s comments nad I noticed you had a question about being “tagged”…it just means that it’s your turn to make the list on your own blog. I didn’t get it at first either…I just started bloggin’ a few months ago and I am totally addicted and have met some WONDERFUL people! Welcome to the bloggin’ world! If you need anything you’re welcome to stop by my blog!

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