Misadventures in Stock Photograph: Part the 43rd (Slave Boy)

Congrats to Shanna, who won Code Blue by Stephani Hecht! Code Blue was released by eXtasy Books Friday.

Congrats to Susmita, who won Gayish (G-A-Y, Book 12) by Kim Dare! Gayish is being released by Total-E-Bound today.

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today we’ll be meeting Slave Boy. Here he is in Las Vegas, captured in the wild by Jordan Castillo Price, just for me. Thanks, Jordan!

It’s a bit odd that a tattoo parlor is advertising using a photoshopped tattoo, isn’t it? Onward!

Once upon a time, a simple

was living a quiet life in

, until he was kidnapped by

, marked with

, taken to

, and sold as a

. He was quite the

at the slave auction, where he was purchased by a burly mistress… he thought. It was only later, when he and his new “mistress” were

that he realized

and that

is not always what you get… or what gets you.

“Naughty boys? What naughty boys? I don’t see any naughty boys. Lalalalalalala.” -Mayhem

43 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photograph: Part the 43rd (Slave Boy)”

  1. I have to admit I’m getting a bit sick and tired of seeing his face on so many m/m covers. Usually I’m oblivious to cover models but I notice him all the time. Surely there must by another twinky looking guy in the stock photography?!

  2. He might be easy on the eye BUT can he knit? Or do the housework? Maybe he’ll find enough dust bunnies to make himself some clothes.
    A recent post from Marina..I liedMy Profile

  3. No, but I bet if you looked hard enough we could find some naughty black kitties…. Ohhhhhh what fun we (you) ((unless of course they shifted… then it would be me) would have if we could find those!!!

    Hope all is well my friend! Miss you!
    Hugs and is it Friday yet… Homecoming again this weekend… her own this time….
    A recent post from Cecile..Guest Post with Ms Cherish DAngeloMy Profile

  4. Definitely one of the best stories yet! But I’m amazed no one has yet commented on such a popular m/m cover model (stock photo or no) being used to advertise STRAIGHT Tattoo parlor.

  5. Granted, I spend an inordinate time with teenage boys, but he does seem underage to me. However,the story line still rocks and I snorted when I got to Mia’s book title.

    Photo shopped tattoo art for a tattoo parlor is bizarre. Maybe they have aspirations to do urban fantasy cover art?

    And Jase? You can never be replaced.

  6. Bless his heart ! Somebody give that boy a hamburger and a large chocolate shake. Wait up he turns 40… he’ll look back at these pictures and sigh at his skinny ‘lil self.
    A recent post from Ken Payseur..HmmmmMy Profile

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