Misadventures in Stock Photography (Part the Eleventh, in which there are no abs whatsoever)

I know, I know, how can I possibly have a Misadventures post without abs?! Read on and find out… if you dare. *passes tissues to MamaTulip, who is probably distraught by the thought of no abs*

Poor cold angelic guy – doesn’t he realize he should be wearing a jacket in the snow? (Tragically, I haven’t come up with a clever nickname for him, beyond Bare Back Guy [BBG]… *ahem* Onward!)

Maybe he was waiting for the snow to free his wings?

Which is apparently a two-stage process…*

This was an image from Total-E-Bound/Totally Bound for their Shapeshifters & Morphers category.

Oh oh… I thought he was an angel… but apparently he was just a demon in disguise! (You have to be careful about these things.)

A-ha! He’s further revealed his demonic self with this tattoo – don’t those look like scaly demon wings to you?

Realizing that the demonic wings tattoo revealed too much, he started getting the tattoo removed by laser…

…although that was painful, even for a demon, so he had to drink many shots of brightly colored alcohol to dull the pain.

Remember, kids, you should always

Or maybe suggest that growing their hair and dying it blond isn’t a good look for a demon. 🙂

*Ok, fine, you caught me – that isn’t actually a cover, merely a graphic from an epublisher’s website. But… how could I resist?!

“Well, at least this boy doesn’t seem to be as naughty as some of those other boys…” -Mayhem

46 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography (Part the Eleventh, in which there are no abs whatsoever)”

  1. Itchy Neck Guy? It’s amazing how anything to do with angels/demons/wings seem to necessitate a back picture. Angels have abs too. *pout* Although his white feathery wings are lovely.

  2. Sorry, Naomi – It was sort of a on-page decoration on the publisher’s site, not related to any books. I probably phrased that poorly!

  3. Oh gosh.. Yea, kinda miss slouching guy, lmbo!

    Oh Miranda… My mind went straight into the gutter when I read his name. So much so, I had to read it twice, lmbo! Because my mind saw another completely different name… hee hee!

    Hope you had a great weekend Chris!

  4. It seems the only thing you can do with a bare back is add wings to it…..

    But I can’t think of anything else to add except clothes… how boring of me. 😉

  5. Hey, in my innocence I never even thought of it and now that Miranda’s said it, I can only think dirty thoughts. Sheesh. Way to ruin … oh wait, that’s making my day better. Thanks Miranda, owe ya one. 😀

  6. @Tam – I nominated him! Please note, people that the ugliest cover competition link is NSFW. Also, if you’re easily offended, stay far away from it!

  7. I kinda like the change-up, myself. I mean, abs are nice, but there’s only so much of them I can handle at work, ya know? 😉

    And I too was wondering about the lack of photoshop skilz evidenced in some of those covers… Woe.
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Goals, Postponed =-.

  8. I’m trying to decide if BBG is actually itchy neck guy or smelling his armpit guy. Backs are okay but I think I like the abs better, unless of course it’s much lower on the back.

    OMG the ugliest cover competition! I’m still laughing at covers 21 and 5, but really the competition is tough.
    .-= Sydney´s last blog ..Sewing! =-.

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